Q: -I don't want to worry about my house being messy. Can we do a session away from home?

A: First of all, your mess is beautiful. Seriously - one day tripping over dinosaurs, and picking up dress-up clothes, and stepping on the vicious daggers that are Legos will be a memory - and you'll miss it. Maybe not the pain part, but you'll miss the chaos that told the story of what your children were into, and what lit up their little imaginations. Your children will remember their childhood home, and it's worth documenting, so give it a shot.

If your children are more the run-around-outside-like-wild-hooligans type, though, we can certainly go wherever you like. Zoos, parks, museums, bowling alleys--even movie theaters are all great outings that keep children engaged and make a wonderful experience for everyone.

Q: Can we do a session with just my child/ren?

A: Absolutely. Children are never the same people from one moment to the next, and I love documenting all of their little personality traits and quirks. These sessions are done in the same style as family sessions--but the focus is placed on the child or children, their developing personality traits, and their relationships with the world around them.

Q: Can we also take portraits?

A: Sure! I'll talk with your children individually, getting to know them and helping them feel at ease with me. They'll be most willing to pose and sit for a more traditional photo at the very beginning of our day, so that's when we'll try for these. As the opportunity presents itself throughout the day, I may take more if the child is comfortable and cooperative, but remember that little attention spans are very, very brief in childhood - and it never pays to push. Kids will generally relax and show the personalities we as parents love on their own timetable.

Q: How long do these sessions last?

A: Sessions are available in three forms: One-hour, Four-hour, and All Day. The longer you spend with me, the more your family will be loosened up, and the more memories you will be able to capture. For the longer sessions, we take breaks throughout the day, and I promise - it's not as awkward as it may sound. By the end of the session, I'm usually seen as a family friend just hanging out by all involved (even partners who may be less than enthused about this whole process at first).

I hope you like what you've seen of my work - to find out more about availability and pricing, or to ask further questions, please click the link below!


Because I believe family photography should serve as a vessel for memories passed down to new generations, every session includes an album. Digital photos are also available, but at the bare minimum, I want you to a physical product to page through with your family. After all, the face your child makes today when they're mad may be the exact same face their child will make at them one day - and how would you have the opportunity to gloat without photographic proof?


Then, we really let those personalities shine!

The only posing there will be on these sessions is at the very beginning of the session, when the kids are nice and fresh (and curious!) - we'll take a few portraits before we get started on the rest of the day.

Documentary sessions take place wherever you are - whether it's in your home, capturing your daily life, or away - like trips to the zoo, the park, or even vacation. I come to you, and once we all get to know each other and are nice and comfortable, I tend to blend into the background a little bit. This allows me to get the behind-the-scenes shots that really offer a memorable peek into the personalities on display. You don't have to do anything at all, except be yourselves.

So, how does this work?

What is documentary family photography?

When it comes down to it, it means that I don't just capture images of what your family looks like--right now, at this exact time in your lives--I capture the relationships, and emotions, and all kinds of quirky and memorable things that make up who you are together. Family life is funny, and exhausting, and frustrating and exhilarating--it's a million other things too, sometimes all at the same time...but it's never, ever boring.

"There simply are not many grand moments in life, and we surely don't live life in those moments. No, we live in the utterly mundane. We exist in the bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways of life. This is where the character of our life is set. This is where we live the life of faith."

-John David Tripp


Family Photography