Oh, hi there. You know what's hard to write?

An About Me page.

You're here, though, and you made the effort to get to know more about me, so here goes.

I'm a photographer in the south Louisiana area (who also travels), and I photograph weddings, birth sessions, and documentary family photography sessions. I love what I do - nothing makes me happier than capturing a tiny little moment in time that will live forever as a memory on paper (assuming you get your photos printed, which you SHOULD). That's the short and sweet version.

Just like any other story, though, who I am as a photographer is more complex than just the bare details. I could tell you what gear I shoot with, how many years I've been at it, my *favorite* thing to shoot, and whatever else you came here looking for. What I want you to know most about me, though, is the goal that I have in mind every single time I pack up my bag (okay, fine, *bags*, plural -- because I'm a horrible over-packer) before any kind of shoot:

I want you to be able to hold a memory in your hand when we're done, and I want you to have a good time creating it with me.

My absolute favorite photographs are the ones which have the power to transport me back to the moment the shutter was released - I can feel the emotion in them, and that's what I want to give my clients more than anything else.

That sort of relationship requires a good camaraderie between photographer and subject, right? In that vein, here are a few totally random (and probably more than you ever wanted to know) facts about me. I'll keep these updated, and hopefully you'll feel like you know me just a little bit when we meet for the first time (bonus points for emailing me with anything else, serious or outlandish, to add to this list!).

~I possess two totally superfluous "y"s in my full name. My mother calls this unique - I call it needlessly complicated.

~Yes, my name is Cyd - no, it is not short for Cydney (see: complicated). The middle name is equally frustrating, trust me.

~I am terrified of biscuit cans. This gif is my favorite way of explaining this fear, in which I am apparently not alone. Yes, my friends and family all know and laugh, and no - I do not trust any of them with this knowledge.

~I love all kinds of music, but my favorite artists currently are Walk Off The Earth, The (now sadly defunct) Civil Wars, Van Morrison, and Pink.

~My favorite actress of all time is Audrey Hepburn. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Paul Rudd is my favorite actor.         is the funniest thing I think he's ever done.

~Raising an autistic child has been the hardest, but most rewarding and life-altering challenge of my life.

~I run roughly 12 miles per week. I tell people I love it, but it's mostly because I love to eat.

~Sarcasm is my love language.

~My sense of direction is so bad that if Google Maps did not exist, I would probably never leave my house.

~My favorite TV show is The BBC version of Sherlock. I'm not sure I understand half of it until the last 30 seconds of every episode, but it fascinates me, and I think the Watson/Sherlock dynamic is the best on-screen pairing ever.

~My favorite book is Jane Eyre. It's filled with so many amazing quotes (and my copy is exceedingly dog-eared), but one of my favorites is, "I would always rather be happy than dignified." I love to laugh and have fun, so this quote has always stayed with me. Life is too short to not live it! I also adore the Harry Potter books, and our recent adult-only trip to Universal Studios and Harry Potter World will be one of my all-time favorite experiences for a long time!

~I was fluent in American Sign Language for a long time in my youth, and acted as a translator during and shortly after high school. It's embarrassing how much of it I've lost over the years - I'm now just conversational enough to scold my children in sign from across a crowded room.

~I have two dogs - one of them is kinda internet-famous, and goes by the nickname Shithead (his real name is Chewy, but his troublesome nature meant that he learned to respond to both names pretty early in his life). His escapades became so legend that I finally caved to the demands of friends and family, and created an Instagram for him recently. You can follow him over on instagram.com/mydogshithead. He also has his own hashtag, #mydogshithead - it's terrible for his ego, really, but his following is growing by the day. Go check him out, and add to his eternal sense of smug superiority.

Okay, now it's your turn. Shoot me an email, and tell me more about you!

Meet Cyd