December 18, 2017

Baton Rouge Family Photographer Life Unscripted The Eckerts

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Baton Rouge Family Photographer – The Eckerts

“When you find people who not only cherish your quirks, but celebrate them with glad cries of, “Me too!” – be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe.”

Now, it may sound strange to hear me term a new-client-turned-instant-friend as a weirdo, but if you know me – you know where I’m going with this one. I myself proudly wear the Badge-O-Weird, and am of the firm belief that “normal” is boring – so when I meet someone who is quirky, and funny, and fascinating, and relatable, and just overall really freaking awesome…well, let’s just say that that by the time I left Kimberly’s house, I felt like I’d known her for years. And we may or may not have made plans for a poker night sometime soon.

Our husbands are in *big* trouble, I think.

From the second she offered me coffee within ten minutes of entering her home, to the time I left late enough that my husband was a tad confused as to why my “one-hour” session had turned into a bit of a longer one, I knew the time that I spent with Kim and Haven was the start of something amazeballs. The images I took just in the short morning I spent with them reflect all the love and laughter and general hilarity that is life with a toddler, and the balancing act that is motherhood – especially as Kim is heroically solo-ing it, with her husband away for work for a bit (can I get a gold star for her, please and thank you?). 

I adore these images, not just for the seemingly effortless way that they all came together in the photographing of them, but also because it’s a damned fine day’s work when I have genuinely lovely subjects in front of my lens. It makes the work of photographing and editing feel like just hanging out with a pretty awesome tribe – and I’m blessed enough to have accumulated quite a few wonderful, fantastic weirdos in this pretty cool job of mine.

Welcome to the weirdo tribe, Kim and Haven. <3


See? Instant relatability, this one.


Mischief personified – in one tiny, adorable little package.

TheEckertGirls176 TheEckertGirls179 TheEckertGirls1716 TheEckertGirls1721 TheEckertGirls1722 TheEckertGirls1725 TheEckertGirls1728

TheEckertGirls1730 TheEckertGirls1733 TheEckertGirls1750 TheEckertGirls1751

I adore this moment so much – I have a feeling Haven’s going to be shooting her mom that look for years to come.


Partners in crime, these two. Dad only thinks he’s got his hands full, now…

TheEckertGirls1753 TheEckertGirls1757 TheEckertGirls1765 TheEckertGirls1766 TheEckertGirls1767

Haven *loves* to watch things cook in the oven.

TheEckertGirls1770TheEckertGirls1772 TheEckertGirls1774 TheEckertGirls1775

This look still makes me snort a laugh every time I see it.

TheEckertGirls1777 TheEckertGirls1780 TheEckertGirls1781

The dog was more than willing to get in on the pretend food action. I may or may not have allllmost attempted to smuggle that guy out in my purse on the way out the door. He probably would have gone willingly – just saying.

TheEckertGirls1784 TheEckertGirls1786 TheEckertGirls1787 TheEckertGirls1790

Opportunities for mischief are never far away.

TheEckertGirls1793 TheEckertGirls1794 TheEckertGirls1797 TheEckertGirls1799 TheEckertGirls17100 TheEckertGirls17102

Again with the snorting laughter. It’s contagious, around these two.

TheEckertGirls17105 TheEckertGirls17107 TheEckertGirls17108 TheEckertGirls17111TheEckertGirls17114 TheEckertGirls17115 TheEckertGirls17119 TheEckertGirls17123 TheEckertGirls17124 TheEckertGirls17127

Here, eat this. What do you mean, why does it smell like dog breath? STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND EAT.

TheEckertGirls17128 TheEckertGirls17129 TheEckertGirls17130 TheEckertGirls17131

Have may or may not have been quite adamant about not being interrupted while putting her bear down for a nap.


Little mother hen, right here. <3

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