August 28, 2019

New Orleans Engagement Photography | City Park Laura and Miguel

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I’m always down for some engagement photos at City Park in New Orleans, y’all. This is one of my very favorite locations in NOLA to photograph in. It’s a really versatile place, just bursting with gorgeous scenery and perfect light. As hard as it is to get up for a sunrise session, I really can’t recommend this time slot enough!

I know, I know…#sleep. BUT, consider the benefits! Getting up early means fewer crowds, which makes for a really peaceful engagement session experience. The mornings are quieter, and the time just seems to mosey along when you’re photographing this early. No mad rush to get photographs “done” before it gets too hot!

And, speaking of hot…mornings in New Orleans are always a little cooler than evening sessions, since the heat hasn’t had time to build up over the day!

Annnnnyway, Laura and Miguel were just perfect for their session. I mean, I *knew* they would be, ‘cuz they’re awesome. I had the opportunity to get to know Laura for a little bit before our session, and she’s genuinely one of the sweetest people I know. She’s intelligent, and kind, and just all kinds of awesome…and I’m not just saying that. I feel so lucky that I work with some of the most wonderful people around! While this was my first time meeting Miguel, I was fully prepared to love him too, ‘cuz if Laura loves him…he’s gotta be fantastic. And he totally was!

Spoiler alert: Most guys aren’t “into” engagement photos right off the bat. It’s totally normal – I promise! Don’t get too frustrated with your mens, ladies…I think it’s in the DNA. BUT, Miguel–as with all of my guys–loves his PNC. Even though getting up early to photograph the two of them smooching was probably not his #1 choice for activities on his weekend morning, he showed up for his woman. AND, once he was there – we had a lot of fun! You could really see how much these two adored each other, in their images. And that makes me so happy!

I love hearing that my clients love their photographs, I do! My heart did a little happy dance when Laura got her proofs and gushed over them – it made my day, truly. But the thing about taking great photographs is that I can only work with what I’m given! When two people adore each other this much, it’s really pretty difficult to take a bad photograph. I love photographing love, and these guys were overflowing with it. <3

So, without further ado: check out Laura and Miguel’s engagement photos at City Park, in our great city of New Orleans!

Engagement photo at City Park at sunrise
Engaged couple laughing at City Park
Engaged couple kissing under Spanish moss trees at City Park
engaged man and woman laughing at City Park
Closeup of engagement ring with couple laughing in background
Engaged couple on City Park bridge
Laughing couple at sunrise, with Spanish moss
Sunrise glow behind engaged couple on bridge
Engaged couple kissing with swans in background at City Park


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