September 11, 2019

Adoption Photography Baton Rouge | Jacob

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Adoption photography is something that I don’t get to do often. And, because there are often complications involved with showing images of an adopted child online, I get to show these sessions even less often!

So, needless to say, I was very excited when this family allowed me to share their story. I’d previously photographed this guy’s big brother’s adoption, as well. As wonderful as that experience was, I could tell how hard it was for Jacob, at the time. He wanted to be adopted himself so badly! Watching his brother have his big day was hard on him, although he really was happy for him.

But, finally, his own big day came! After 2,172 days in foster care, Jacob finally got adopted. He’s been through so much in his short little life! It was magical to see him so excited for this day.

If you’ve spent any time with foster kids, you know that sometimes they’re so different from other kids their age. They have been exposed to more heartache, more stress, experienced so many ups, downs and frustrations. They’re so much stronger, and yet in some ways also more fragile than their peers.

For me, it made my heart so happy to notice the many moments throughout this day that Jacob was “all boy.” Yes, he’d been through a lot – but he was still hilariously bored and impatient as any child his age is, waiting for the judge to call his name. He was still mischievous, and a little shy here and there. He still sneaked looks at his dad that said without words just how much he wanted to be like him.

One of my very favorite images was the one taken just as mom gave him a big tearful kiss after the papers were signed. Every mother of a boy everywhere knows that “Ew, Mom – stahp!” look.

Life hadn’t dealt him the easiest of hands, but he was basking in his moment finally arriving.

After signing the adoption papers and getting a few quick photos at the courthouse, we headed out to the family home for some “official” family photos!

Mom had special shirts for everyone to wear, celebrating the deed being officially official. Even the dogs hopped into images! One of my absolute favorites is the one I took just as the family’s poodle snapped at the (huge) great dane. The looks on those dogs’ faces are pretty priceless. You can tell who rules the roost in that household!

I hope you enjoy the images from this adoption photography session. I was so proud to have been a part of this family’s day!

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boy holds sign announcing adoption
family enters courthouse for adoption
boy is hugged by first foster mom

Jacob’s very first foster mom came out to support him and be a part of his day!

boy shows off adoption sign
grandma laughing at boy
boy looks at father holding sign while waiting for adoption
boy rests head on father's knee and waits impatiently for adoption
boy speaking to father with smile on face
family sits on benches while waiting anxiously for adoption to begin
judge looks at boy
judge signs paperwork for adoption and shakes boy's hand
mom kisses boy on cheek after adoption, boy cringes
mom wipes tears from eyes
family poses with judge and sign
pointe coupee parish sign on floor
grandma hugs boy emotionally
image of boy smiling
sign in house reading happy adoption day Jacob
boy feeds chickens at home
boys playing with leatherman
family in shirts celebrating adoption
family image with dogs
image of family with dogs with one dog snapping at others
funny family photos
boys play on tire swing
boy rides tire swing
brothers laugh while playing
boy stops to catch  breath leaning against tree
boy in blue shirt swings on tire swing and laughs

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