September 4, 2019

Birth Center Baton Rouge Photography | The Thornton Family


I’m so excited to share this birth photography story of Atlas’ birth at The Birth Center of Baton Rouge! His mom is a good friend of mine who’s a talented newborn photographer at Quibby Made here in the city. Her studio work with newborns is just stunning, and this little guy already has some beautiful images made in the days after these guys got home!

We were all pretty sure that Melissa would never have this baby, by the time he finally decided he was ready.

Here in the hot Louisiana heat of summer, it is no joke being pregnant, although Melissa took it all in stride. It felt like an eternity for her, waiting for Atlas to decide he was ready to make his entrance, but he certainly was worth the wait. <3

Atlas’ labor was long (for Melissa, at least!) and painful. Because her baby was “posterior“, it took him a while to get into position for delivery. Even though Melissa is a veteran mom, she had a tough time with this one. Luckily, her sweet husband was there to coach her through her contractions and provide whatever help she needed. Even though…he skipped out on the whole cord-cutting thing.

Know your limits, right? 😉

And how funny are his “I’m so tired” photos?! Dad legit took a nap after Melissa was done doing all the really hard work. 😉 It was pretty funny!

I love photographing families of all kinds – and with so many older siblings in attendance on Atlas’ birth day, he sure was one lucky, loved little guy.

Watching the older siblings just flood Atlas with love and attention was so sweet! Documenting the start of their relationship with their little brother was such a cool thing. I can already see the bonds forming that they’ll have forever, as they grow!

And, as a mom of boys…I can attest that there’s gonna be a lot of fighting in store, too. Just a lil’ bit.

Being confident that you’re in the best of hands as you deliver your baby is so important for expectant mothers. The Birth Center of  Baton Rouge is one of my favorite places to photograph birth stories in! They always do such a great job, and this delivery was no exception. Despite a hard, natural labor for Melissa, her team coached her through and helped ensure a safe, happy delivery of little Atlas.

Check out some of my very favorite images for this wonderful, lively, never-boring little family. <3

image of The Birth Center of Baton Rouge

mother having contraction
laboring mother supported by family
mother looks at father as she labors in bathtub
father to be waits anxiously for baby to be born
mother laboring in bathtub at the birth center while father holds her hand

newborn baby on mom's chest as mother is relieved

Doesn’t it look like Atlas is smiling, here?!

mother looks at newborn baby boy
Birth Photographer Baton Rouge Birth Center (23).jpg
mother and newborn son
mother nuzzles new baby's head
grandmother cuts umbilical cord for grandson
parents smiling at newborn baby
baby is weighed on scale
tiny baby hand grasping thermometer cord
mother and father with baby
grandmother with new baby grandson
father eating snack
siblings meeting baby  brother
sister in butterfly costume meeting baby

Just know that if your kid wears a butterfly costume to meet her sibling…I’m basically going to be the happiest photographer ever.

big brothers gather around new baby brother at The Birth Center Baton Rouge
brother strokes baby's head
big brother holding little brother
heartbeat measured for baby
siblings feeling new brother's feet at The Birth Center Baton Rouge
family gathered around baby

siblings holding baby brother
funny face of big sister
father naps in chair after baby is born
father sprawled on bed

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