October 9, 2019

Unique Engagement Photography | Whiskey Bar Downtown Baton Rouge

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Unique engagement photography is kind of my jam. So, when these two amazing people wanted to do a completely offbeat engagement session, I was (as you can probably predict) totally down for it.

Hayride Scandal is an amazing whiskey bar in Baton Rouge. They were nice enough to welcome us for a really cool engagement session with these guys! I love that Zack and Laken really wanted to make this experience about them and who they are as a couple. They were NOT just about getting what’s “expected” for engagement photos!

This place had it all – cool chandeliers, lots of alcohol, great lighting…I was a pretty happy photographer, this day. 😉

After hanging out at the whiskey bar for a bit, we got in the car to head to the downtown Baton Rouge area. Photographing in the lobby of The Hilton hotel was a fun, cool and pretty awesome way to get some more unique images! I may or may not have been a little obsessed with all of the maps that they have on their walls.

This is what photography is all about, for me. I’m lucky enough to work with fantastic people on a regular basis. And I always enjoy getting to know them and their stories! Laken and Zack are some of the coolest, raddest people I know. I really love that we were able to capture their true personalities in their engagement photos!

Taking photographs shouldn’t be about just remembering what you look like – it should be about capturing who you are.

These guys totally “got” that, and I’m so happy that I was able to create these images with them! The photographs are full of personality, and humor, and all kinds of affection and love. Just like them! <3

Thanks again to Hayride Scandal for being so fun and easy to work with. If you enjoyed this unique engagement photography session and would like to have a session of your own with me, CLICK HERE to get started! Let’s do the thang. 😉

unique engagement photography session in whiskey bar under chandelier
couple posing under chandelier in whiskey bar
couple laughs while posing in front of liquor bottles
couple kissing behind whiskey bar
unique engagement photography session - Woman in man's lap in whiskey bar engagement photo
closeup image of woman and man posing for engagement photo
Image of drinks on bar with couple kissing in foreground
couple drinking at bar
woman laughing at man while driving to downtown Baton Rouge
image of woman and man against wall filled with maps
man looking at woman and smiling
woman presses finger to fiance's nose
image of couple kissing with engagement ring showing
image of woman and man posing near window
man nuzzling woman's neck as she laughs
woman and man laughing during engagement session
woman laughing as fiance whispers in her ear
couple holding each other close holding hands
couple poses for engagement photo in doorway of hotel

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