April 7, 2020

Baton Rouge Engagement Photo Session | Clare and Mel

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Mannnnn, these two’s Baton Rouge engagement photo session is a *prime* example of why the best thing you can do to have a kick-ass engagement session is to just be yourselves

Pretty clothes are nice, sure. But your photos last forever, and they shouldn’t just be about what you *look like*. They should be about who you are!

I absolutely adore that the plan for this session was simply: 

  1. Show up
  2. Hang out
  3. Laugh a lot (a WHOLE LOT)
  4. Take cool, meaningful pictures as we go

Clare and Mel are legit some of my very favorite people in the whole wide world. SURE, I say that about just about every person I work with, but it’s because I mean it every time.

These two are kinda special, though. They’re both medical professionals working the front-lines of Baton Rouge right now. They’re serving the public in the COVID crisis with all of this heart that you see right here, and I’m so proud to call them friends as well as clients! We had so much fun a few weeks ago (pre-global crisis) taking these photos…I can’t even tell you. We laughed a lot, did some cool creative things, and then ended the night with dinner and an episode of Brooklyn 99 on their couch. No lie. 

Annnnnd, Clare sent me home with Girl Scout cookies.

Does it get better than that, even?! 

I love these photos for so many reasons, but chief among those reasons is that you can really see their personalities in every single frame of these. And LAWD, do I love these personalities right here!

Clare (very accurately) describes herself as being, “You know that kid in kindergarten who could make instant friends with literally anyone? That’s me.”

A better self-assessment, my friends, has never been given. 

To know both of these guys is to love them–instantly–and I feel genuinely lucky that they found me in their wedding photography search. We made some GREAT photographs together that really illustrate their life story, right now. They’ve recently bought a home together, to renovate and make their own – ‘cuz in addition to being life-savers in their daily lives, they’re ALSO home remodelers! It was important to both of them to incorporate their house, and their (fur) family into these pictures as well.

This, I feel, is what taking photographs is all about. I know I talk about this a lot–but it’s because it matters, y’all

Your engagement photos tell the beginning chapter of your love story, to all of the people that you love now and will love in the future. 

Your story is yours, so don’t let it look like everyone else’s! Create images that matter


Like…these, for instance. ❤



engaged couple laughing and snuggling outside in Baton Rouge

black and white image of couple sitting on ground and laughing in Baton Rouge

couple kissing under sun flare in outdoor photo session in Baton Rouge woman hugs her fiance from behind and laughs

black and white image of couple laughing in engagement photo

black and white image of couple posing for engagement photo in Baton Rouge

© Bayou Rose Photography 2020

funny photo collage of couple making funny faces on engagement shoot in Baton Rouge

Outtakes are my faaaaavorite (#SorryNotSorry) 

black and white image of engaged couple kissing


Had to get the puppers in on the action!


engaged couple hugging their dogs together outside in Baton Rouge location

creative engagement photo of couple spotlit in window of their home as the sun sets behind them

I love this image so much–and love even more that they totally had no clue what I was doing when I was running around setting this up, but they just trusted me and went with it! (Sometimes I do weird things, in all honesty) 😂

couple hugging in front of lake at sunset

funny engagement photo of couple making funny faces while reflected in water



engaged couple holding each other close by lake at sunset

The best faces. They make THE VERY BEST faces.

creative engagement photo of couple framed in window of their home

Some day, there’s gonna be a real garden in that fence, and tiny hands to pick from it. I can’t wait to watch their family grow!

engaged couple poses for engagement session

couple hugging in front of trees at sunset in Baton Rouge

eskimo kisses at sunset in a Baton Rouge engagement photo session


Baton Rouge engagement photo session in front of cherry blossoms

Interested in capturing your own Baton Rouge engagement photo session? Want ’em to look just this cool? DROP ME A LINE! Let’s tell YOUR story! ❤


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