May 27, 2020

Baton Rouge Birth Center Delivery | August


The Baton Rouge Birth Center is one of my favorite places to photograph births. When you want a home birth experience, but with a little extra expertise by birth experts, this is THE place to have your baby! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, and committed to helping you have the best birth experience possible.


This was the second birth that I got to photograph for this family. (CLICK HERE to check out Part One!) It’s always an honor to be trusted with the next chapter in a family’s story – so of course, I was excited when Rebecca let me know it was time!

One of the things that I’ve learned about birth over the years is that you never know what you’re going to get, in terms of timing. Babies come when they want to, how they want to – and things are especially tricky when it’s not mom’s first birth.

Baby can come in minutes, or can make its parents wait for hours! So, naturally I left my home all speedy-like, when it was Go-Time for Rebecca and Treddy. I was so glad I did, too – little August was born less than two hours after everyone arrived.

As usual, Rebecca ROCKED this birth, man. She’s one of those creatures who just makes birth look completely effortless and wonderful.

It’s allllllmost enough to make me want to do it again (okay, fine – not really. COLLEGE IS EXPENSIVE, OKAY).

It’s nearly impossible to pick favorite images to show off, from this family (as usual), but check these out. They make me so happy, and so glad that I get to call this family friends as well as clients!


PS – Rebecca is the head of an AMAZING organization which helps refugees and underprivileged mothers in Rwanda. Her organization is the one that every single birth client of mine contributes to (even if they don’t realize it). With every birth photo session booked, a portion of the proceeds go to help fund maternal/fetal education is Africa. Rebecca is a warrior on MULTIPLE FRONTS, y’all! ♥


Looking to document your own birth at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge? CLICK HERE to find out more about booking a session so that YOU can have amazing memories just like these. 

mom in labor outside of The Baton Rouge Birth Center
father coaching mom in labor outside of Birth Center of Baton Rouge

Dad was such a supportive partner!

Natural birth, mom in labor at Baton Rouge Birth Center
Mom in tub for water birth at Baton Rouge Birth Center

The looks these two give each other, man… I love it.
Dad coaching mom during childbirth
Mom holds baby after giving birth in water at Birth Center Baton Rouge

What an amazing moment! Birth is incredible – full stop.
newborn baby in water after birth
mom laughing in shock after giving birth at Baton Rouge Birth Center
mom holding newborn baby boy

Yep, that’s the face of “I just had a baby! And it was really fast!”
mother's face after giving birth
mom kissing newborn baby boy after birth
magic hour time with parents after birth
newborn baby having heart listened to after being born
baby boy peeking out from behind his hand
doula notes listing time of birth
father of newborn taking iphone photo of baby
dad looking at mom after she gives birth

I just love watching Dad after the frenzy of birth has settled down a bit. It takes a minute to sink in, but…that love for his baby’s mom is incredible to see.
newborn baby boy looking at mom

Rebecca said, “I want to remember this view – just like this.”
black and white image of newborn born at Birth Center Baton Rouge
parents holding hands after childbirth

baby's hand wrapped around mom's finger
newborn's head being measured
father holding newborn baby boy

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