July 17, 2020

Baton Rouge Elopement Wedding Photographer | St Joseph

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As a Baton Rouge elopement photographer, this time in the wedding industry has proved to be a pretty wild ride over the last few months. COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into pretty much every wedding couple’s big plans. Mary Kate and Jesse originally had a big wedding planned in Chicago, where they live now…until this whole virus thing was all, “Yeah, about that…”

So, these two–being the cool, laid-back, ridiculously-in-love people that they are–decided to pivot, and elope!

The great thing about love, is that it doesn’t really *need* all the fussy stuff. If this whole global-crisis thing has taught us anything, it’s that we should take more time to appreciate the little things–and focus on what really matters. I think we’ve all learned over the last few weeks and months that we can get by without a lot of things that we thought we needed.

Those we love the most, though, are always going to matter more than anything else.

That’s what this Baton Rouge elopement was all about, in the end. Just two people, sneaking love-struck glances at each other across a Catholic church aisle…and soaking up every second of this time in their lives.

There will be time for a big party later, after all. Mary Kate and Jesse will have a vow renewal next year, on their one-year anniversary, and be able to get the party they’d originally planned for. She’ll even get to wear this gorgeous dress by Bustle Bridal all over again! Talk about getting your money’s worth out of a dress, right? t😉

There’s something special about an elopement, though. Just the two of you, and the [socially-distanced, limited number of] people closest to you…all gathered to be there as you say the words that will bind the two of you together forever. St Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge is Mary Kate’s alma mater – so it was so wonderfully significant to them to get married there! And they did a GREAT job of organizing the whole thing to keep everyone safe and comfortable on this special day.

Even though this day was short and sweet, it was every bit as meaningful and emotional as a “typical” wedding day. I’d say we made some pretty spectacular, unique memories, too!

Check out some of my very favorite photographs of this day. And GET IN TOUCH if you’re looking for a Baton Rouge elopement photographer who specializes in capturing those unforgettable memories, even in the most chaotic of times! It’s never been more vital to document what’s most important. ♥

Groom getting boutonniere pinned by his mother on his wedding day, while his mom wears a mask

I kinda love that Mary Kate’s mom was still wearing her mask for the first few of these photographs, as she pinned her soon-to-be son’s boutonniere on. What a memory that’s going to be later, right?!

bride and groom holding hands around door before wedding ceremony

This was such a sweet moment, exchanging some last sweet words between one another, before the ceremony started.

groom seeing his bride come down the aisle during Baton Rouge elopement
father giving bride away during Baton Rouge elopement photographer
Groom sneaking look at bride during Baton Rouge elopement ceremony at St. Joseph
Bride and groom laughing together in photo taken by a Baton Rouge elopement photographer
bride laughing during Catholic wedding ceremony in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge elopement photographer photographs bride and groom getting married at St Joseph

bride glances at groom during Catholic wedding ceremony at St Joseph
groom gazes at bride lovingly
Catholic wedding mass at St Joseph in Baton Rouge
bride sneaks groom a look during Catholic wedding elopement ceremony at St Joseph

bride and groom laughing at altar as they exchange wedding rings
Catholic wedding flowers to Mary at St Joseph in Baton Rouge wedding
Baton Rouge,Catholic,St. Joseph,Wedding,
Bride and groom give flowers to Mary during Baton Rouge elopement photographer
bride sneaks look at groom while giving flowers to Mary in Catholic wedding ceremony
priest blesses wedding couple at St Joseph wedding in Baton Rouge
first kiss at St Joseph Baton Rouge elopement photographer
bride and groom descend wedding aisle after being married
Baton Rouge,Catholic,St. Joseph,Wedding,
Baton Rouge,Catholic,St. Joseph,Wedding,
Baton Rouge,Catholic,St. Joseph,Wedding,
Baton Rouge,Catholic,St. Joseph,Wedding,
bride and groom kissing under stained glass of St Joseph in Baton Rouge elopement photographer
starburst light behind wedding couple in stained glass Catholic cathedral in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge,Catholic,St. Joseph,Wedding,
bride and groom portrait at St Joseph Cathedral in Baton Rouge
silhouette bridal portrait at St Joseph in Baton Rouge Louisiana
bridal portrait at St Joseph Baton Rouge
bride and groom portrait
groom on wedding day in a Baton Rouge elopement photographer wedding

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