October 23, 2020

Lake House Bridal Photography | Baton Rouge

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When you’re taking bridal photos in Baton Rouge, it doesn’t get much better than this! Lake House Reception Center is one of my favorite wedding venues, and this stunning scenery is a big reason why.


I love taking bridal photos here, because it’s such a versatile location. The beautiful trees and garden area make for a stunning backdrop, but the wide porch and epic chandelier inside also offer a backup plan in case of rain!


SPEAKING of which – we totally thought it was going to pour on Jessica’s bridal session date. The weather in south Louisiana is–as we all know–a tiny bit fickle. So, even though the forecast *had* been looking good up until this day – when the day actually dawned, we had some pop-up showers play havoc with our plans.


Luckily, we had a plan in place to get some epic bridal photography photos no matter what the weather turned out to be. We stayed on the gorgeous porch during the time it was actually sprinkling–and before long, the rain had let up! We were still able to get some stunning photos out on the lawn, as well. Jessica and her crew were such wonderful sports about it all! I had lots of help with juggling all of my “backup plan” equipment. 😉


I got to pull out one of my favorite tricks for this bridal session, too! After the rain stopped, the skies were still a little dreary…so we faked some sunlight! The manager at Lake House Reception Center was SO helpful in holding my light for me. The wind was KICKIN’, but a few snaps later, and we had us a gorgeous “sunset” shot! Grey skies be DAMNED! 😂


Sometimes, when it comes to getting great photos…Teamwork makes the dream work!


Check out a few of my VERY favorite bridal images at this AMAZING wedding venue in Baton Rouge!

Bride holding bouquet on porch of Lake House Reception Center in Baton Rouge

This one was Jessica’s bridal display print for the reception, and she literally *gasped* when she saw it. “IS THAT ME?!”

Made my day, man!

Bride holding bouquet and laughing
Bride in long flowing veil at Lake House Reception Center
Engagement ring and wedding bouquet
Bride smiling on porch in Baton Rouge

bride in wedding gown on southern porch
bride in wedding veil holding bouquet
Baton Rouge,Bridals,Lake House,Lakehouse,
wedding veil flowing in breeze
Baton Rouge,Bridals,Lake House,Lakehouse,
Sunset bridal photo at Lake House Reception Center
Baton Rouge,Bridals,Lake House,Lakehouse,
Bride under chandelier at Lake House Reception Center
Baton Rouge,Bridals,Lake House,Lakehouse,
Baton Rouge,Bridals,Lake House,Lakehouse,

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