December 3, 2020

Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge | Taylor and Ethan


Gay Wedding Photographer in Baton Rouge | Taylor and Ethan

Would it be cheesy for me to call these two “simply the best”?! When these guys told me that they were planning a surprise elopement, AND THAT IT WOULD BE SCHITT’S CREEK-THEMED, I legit about died.


Taylor and Ethan were originally planning to get married in two years. Becoming increasingly uncertain about their future ability to get married as a gay couple, though, they decided to move the date up. While I was sad at the necessity of their decision… I was not at all sad that I got to fast forward a bit, and document this wedding sooner than expected!

We met to take portraits in a nearby park before the big evening. It was so much fun playing around and getting some cool, artistic portraits for their wedding day! Their back-yard ceremony was all things wonderful, magical and intimate. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Taylor and Ethan exchanged vows under a beautiful oak tree bedecked with string lights. The tears and the emotion of those moments were so beautiful!

And let me tell you, man–the tears FLOWED when Taylor surprised Ethan with a version of “Simply The Best” that he sang himself for their first dance song.

(BRB, dying *again*)

In all seriousness, though…I’ve been a lucky girl, in this career of mine. I’ve seen measurable success in a lot of ways! The most important metric of success can’t be measured, though. The quality of the people who find me and trust me with their most precious moments, year after year… that’s what matters most. It’s a sad fact, but it needs to be said that LGBTQ+ couples still hold their breath a little, every time they contact a vendor about their wedding day. These couples can never really be 100% certain that they’ll be accepted and celebrated for who they are, when they’re planning the most important day of their lives. That thought just kills me! And that’s why I do a little happy dance every time time a couple in the community finds me and asks me to work with them.

It wasn’t even 5 years ago, that gay marriage was illegal. The simple act of saying, “Hey, I love you. Let’s make this official and build a life together,” was denied to these two (and so many others). I feel so honored that I get to stand on this side of history and create images like these, with people like these. Every photo I take is one step closer to equal visual representation for LGBTQ+ couples, allowing every person to see themselves in online wedding images. I’m so proud of that!

Okay, enough babbling from me – on to Taylor and Ethan’s wedding photos! ♥


Calendar on the couple's wall circling their wedding day
gay wedding couple portraits in a park
photo of two men kissing surrounded by reflections and rainbows
gay wedding couple portrait of two men laughing

Okay, so you know I had to include a few funny ones! I love the looks these two give each other. 😂

gay wedding portrait
gay wedding photographer in Baton Rouge portrait

ALSO, fun fact: Taylor used to play the prince from Tangled! Doesn’t he look like Flynn here, with his smolder?!

two guys laughing in a train station for wedding portraits
Gay couple wedding day photo in a train station
artistic gay wedding photographer photo in Baton Rouge

I LOVE this cool, funky artistic wedding photo! I adore that Taylor and Ethan were up for ANYTHING I wanted to try – and this shot certainly paid off!

gay wedding photographer Baton Rouge - wedding photo
gay couple kissing - gay wedding photographer in Baton Rouge
gay wedding photo in a park
elopement,gay wedding,outdoor,tree,

Yep, had to include this one too – out-takes are my fav. Expect them to be shown off. 😂

gay pride flag wedding photo silhouette at sunset
gay wedding photographer Baton Rouge - Taylor and Ethan
gay engagement photo in a park
black and white gay engagement photo
artistic gay engagement photo in Baton Rouge
Gay wedding photographer Baton Rouge - wedding details Schitt's Creek

So much Schitt’s Creek! So much happy! 😭😍

Gay wedding photographer Baton Rouge - vow reading
Emotional gay wedding photo in Baton Rouge

When Ethan teared up, I may or may not have *lost my sh!t*

Gay couple reciting their wedding vows

Taylor is an interpreter for the deaf. I really wanted to create a photo that included his community, as he said his vows!

Gay wedding vows under an oak tree at night
Gay wedding couple exchanging rings

Yep, had to include this one, too. 😂

first kiss for newly married gay couple
gay wedding couple walking back down the aisle after wedding ceremony
gay wedding couple first dance

The exact moment when Ethan realized that the super-special version of “Simply The Best”, sung by Taylor, was playing for their first dance song!

first dance as husband and husband
first dance photo gay wedding baton rouge
two guy gay couple first dance
couple's friend videos them having their first dance
mother and son first dance at wedding reception
mother son dance during gay wedding reception
gay wedding cake topper with two grooms
two grooms feeding each other cake at wedding reception
gay wedding cake


Looking to document YOUR wedding day? Wanna be like these cool cats and hang with me for it? Let’s chat! 

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