January 18, 2021

Baton Rouge Elopement Photography | Morgan and James

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Baton Rouge Elopement Photography: Morgan and James


Man, if this wedding didn’t have it *all* for me! Morgan and James were supposed to get married in a church wedding this winter, but then a global pandemic happened, and….well, you know.

Doesn’t everyone “know” by this point? 😭

The risk of people getting sick at the size wedding Morgan had dreamed of was just too great. So, they called me to see if I could photograph their day a *wee* bit early, on Christmas Eve. They’re still planning a grand event next year, but for now they just wanted to get hitched!

I mean, maybe you can guess the level of my enthusiasm when they asked me if I could come take some photos, but just in case…

It was a “hell yeah” from me. 🙌

As a photographer, I’ve never felt like I really was at my best when everything goes “according to plan” on a wedding day. Weddings can be really predictable without something happening that’s unique to you! I’ve learned over time that I’m just the kind of person who thrives on chaos.

This year has been fulfilling in unexpected ways, let’s just say. 😉

I love the challenge of creating great, meaningful moments, even in difficult circumstances. Morgan and James were surrounded by all of the really important things, this day. But, they did get a last-minute surprise with the news that James had recently been exposed to a family member with COVID. So, they elected to have all of their guests watch them say I Do from afar. #SafetyFirst

Morgan’s mom set up the patio of their family home to be the most beautiful little wedding spot! It was cozy, and intimate, and they had a small crew to cheer them on jus ton the other side of the patio glass. James also set up a live stream so that everyone could watch the vows online.

This wedding day may have been a quick one, but it was certainly no less meaningful! We even had our share of funny moments, when Morgan’s mom burned a hole through the back of her dress. There was a teeny little incident with a propane heater. 😂

Memories made, right?!

I’m forever the luckiest girl in the world, to get to work with wonderful people like these. Every story I get to tell in my career makes me so thankful to do what I do!


Congrats, Morgan and James! ♥


Guest showing problem with live feed to mother of the bride

I love creating photos that really tell the story of what the wedding day felt like. Years from now, this will seem like SUCH an odd concept! Once upon a time, we had to live stream our wedding ceremonies because no one could watch them in person. And this photo is extra funny because of the Christmas-themed headband this guest was wearing!

groom setting up live feed for elopement wedding
bride and groom saying vows while wearing masks
bride laughing at groom during elopement wedding ceremony
bride reciting wedding vows in backyard elopement wedding
bride and groom exchanging wedding rings while wearing masks for elopement
bride and groom during Baton Rouge elopement wedding
ring exchange elopement wedding photography in baton Rouge

elopement wedding first kiss in Baton Rouge
bride and groom wave to guests watching elopement from inside

guests cheer from opposite side of glass for COVID elopement wedding
bride and groom smiling at one another after Baton Rouge elopement photography
wedding couple eating cake
wedding couple feeding each other wedding cake
Baton Rouge elopement photography bride and groom toasting with champagne
wedding champagne being poured
mother takes wedding day photo of bride
guest taking photo of mother of the bride

Funniest moment of the night! A little run-in with a propane heater, and of course we had to get photos of the chaos, lol

Baton Rouge elopement photography bride and groom


Looking for your own brand of Baton Rouge elopement photography? Hit a girl up, and let’s chat!

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