May 4, 2021

C-Section Birth Photos at Woman’s Hospital | Baton Rouge Birth Photographer

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C-section birth photos at Woman’s Hospital | Baby Collins


I am so appreciative of the wonderful staff at Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge. They have been absolutely wonderful to all of my clients (and to me) throughout the pandemic. Even when we were not allowed into hospitals in the very beginning of the shutdown, they were constantly doing whatever they could do to make their moms’ births as close to what they’d envisioned as possible. Of course, there have been restrictions on visitors for a while now. BUT, now that things are finally starting to get close to normal again… my babies are *poppin*!

I have been buried in babies for a few months now, and lemme tell you – I have ZERO complaints!

Gimme all those baby vibes. ♥

C-section births are always a special kind of magic, for me. The science nerd in me loves understanding all of what goes on, and marveling at how far modern medicine has come.

How crazy is it that when a mom needs a c-section to be able to have her baby safely, we have such incredible doctors and nurses who just swoop in and make that happen?

They don’t come better than the staff at Woman’s, that’s for sure.

And Doctor Lafranca is one of my very favorites! Her sunny personality and genuine delight in meeting every one of her babies is always inspiring.

Mom Misty just knew that she wanted the banner shot in this blog post, for her baby girl. It’s an incredible moment, when that baby comes out into the world under that bright spotlight! One of my favorite c-section birth photos, for sure.

And while I can’t always guarantee this shot (since there are a lot of variables on a birth day), I always try for it! And the medical staff at Woman’s are always gracious and wonderful about doing all that they can to get parents the images that they look forward to.

Welcome to the world, baby Collins! You are SO loved!


dad in waiting area before newborn's birth
mom looking at dad during c-section
dad stroke's mom's cheek as doctor operates for c-section birth

I love images like this in the OR – a quiet moment of connection between mom and dad, while so much goes on on the other side of the drape.
baby born by c-section
dramatic black and white photo of baby being born during c-section delivery
baby being born at woman's hospital in Baton Rouge, image showing umbilical cord

Check out tat incredible cord!
c-section delivery at Woman's Hospital

baby girl birth at Woman's Hospital Baton Rouge

This moment always gets me – and it’s one I’m always watching for.

I’ll beat this drum until the end of time, but it’s important to remember that birth photos are *not just for you*! I want Collins to see this look on her mom’s face, one day. Just after she was born into the world, her mama loved her SO MUCH – even though she couldn’t hold her right away, her heart was in her eyes, looking at her baby girl. ♥
newborn baby feet
newborn baby girl getting weighed in hospital
measuring tape taking baby's length
newborn baby footprints
parents holding hands during c-section birth at Woman's Hospital Baton Rouge
dad meeting baby girl for the first time
mom kissing newborn baby girl on the cheek
mom kissing newborn baby girl on the cheek
family portrait in the OR after c-section birth photography session
mom cuddling newborn baby girl after c-section
mom looks on in background as baby girl is held by dad for the first time after birth
black and white birth photography image
dad touches baby girl's chin as mom wipes tears from her eyes after giving birth
newborn baby girl in hospital
smiling newborn baby girl

Just a smiling newborn, NO BIG DEAL! 😭😍
mom inspects newborn baby girl's fingers after birth
first bottle feeding in hospital
newborn takes bottle for first time in hospital
newborn baby girl pursing lips while being bottle fed
newborn looks at mom in birth photo
newborn looking at camera
baby getting ready for first bath
black and white photo of newborn baby
birth,c-section,woman's hospital
birth,c-section,woman's hospital
birth,c-section,woman's hospita,
birth,c-section,woman's hospital

Bottle feeding can be just as incredible to document as breastfeeding! ♥
birth,c-section,woman's hospital, first bath photo
birth,c-section,woman's hospital
birth,c-section,woman's hospital
birth,c-section,woman's hospital
father kisses newborn daughter
birth,c-section,woman's hospital
father in hospital cap falling asleep at mom's hospital bedside

Dads…it’s hard work for them, too, sometimes 😂
birth,c-section,woman's hospital


Looking for your own c-section birth photos? Holla at ya girl! ♥

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