July 1, 2019

Baton Rouge Birth Photography | Giving Back with Hands Producing Hope


Giving Back with Birth Photography

You guys. I’ve got news for you.

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve partnered with an organization called Hands Producing Hope, giving back through birth photography. They’re right here in Baton Rouge, and an organization that’s special to me for a lot of reasons. I’m pretty pumped to tell you all about them.

You know, in a “super-excited-to-be-making-a-difference” kinda way – not a “Is this yet another GoFundMe?” kinda way.

(Spoiler alert: They’re way more awesome than GoFundMe)

Hands Producing Hope’s new partnership program, Partners In Hope, networks with local businesses to drive donations for their maternal health program in Rwanda. This program is life changing for a lot of women who are way less fortunate than we are. I’m so proud to be on board!

Here in the US, we probably over-research our pregnancies. We have access to books, and great doctors. And Google is always ready for a quick search on any question we may have.

We’re informed, because it’s easy to be informed in our environment.

Women in Rwanda don’t always have that luxury. Imagine going into pregnancy without knowing much about it at all! What foods should you eat or avoid when pregnant; when you should seek medical help–even how to feed your baby after birth?

Hands Producing Hope saw a need for education in this community, so they stepped up! They make a difference every day, teaching moms how to best care for themselves during pregnancy, and give them the tools they need to raise healthy, happy future world-changers.

And one of the best parts about this partnership is that my birth clients give back through birth photography just by booking!

Every birth client who welcomes their own little future world-changer with me automatically makes an impact. $50 from every birth package goes directly to this organization.

How cool is that?

Your baby will come into the world already making a difference, just by being born.

What a way to kick off their birth day!


To find out more about my birth stories and become a part of this mission, CLICK HERE to get started in making a difference!

Graphic of pregnant Rwandan woman overlaid with text about partnership program





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