July 10, 2019

Baton Rouge Family Photography | Perkins Rowe

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Why have I never done a family photography session at Perkins Rowe before, y’all?!

When Ariyeil contacted me about photographing a generational family session for her, we needed to brainstorm on locations. Because her baby girl was still a teeny tiny little bit, we needed somewhere cool and shady. Photographing in the middle of the day presents some pretty harsh light, which isn’t always ideal for portraits.

Plus, we had little sensitive baby eyes to consider, too!

We decided to meet up at the Cinemark staircase. This staircase and the grand ceiling and chandelier above it is like something out of Beauty and the Beast, y’all. So much fun to photograph! And the light under that overhang is just killer.

Okay, so as conversational openings go…how bad is “Are you vampires?” on a scale of 1-10? Because that may or may not have been the first words out of my mouth when I met these women. How flawless do they look? Everyone was dressed to a T and looked decades younger than they really are. I totally spent the first half of the intro-conversation convinced that I was being pranked and Ariyeil’s mom was actually her sister.

Can you blame me, though? For real. They told me they weren’t vampires, but…

Isn’t that something that an incognito-vampire would say?

I can conceive of no other explanation that these women all looked so young. And yes, I’m totally jealous.

Anyway, we rocked out this session. Dat baby girl gave us all kinds of sweet smiles and faces, everyone looked flawless, and it couldn’t have gone better. Sometimes, photographing babies with nap schedules is kinda tricky! Not so here, though.

Family photography at Perkins Rowe may be one of my new favorite things, now!

Check out a few of my favorites from this generational family session. These images are going to be treasured by that baby girl one day!


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