July 17, 2019

Experienced Birth Photographer | Womans Hospital Baton Rouge – Vivian

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When it comes to documenting your birth, it’s important to hire an experienced birth photographer.

In no way can I stress this enough! This tiny little peanut named Vivian is one adorable little example of why experience is so important.

Due to some medical concerns, Vivian was born early, and extremely tiny! This presented a few potential complications. First, coming early meant that the “due date” that everyone had prepared for was kind of out the window. Having the experience that I do in the birth space, I go “on call” for my birth clients two weeks before their due dates. Even before then, I am in contact with my moms frequently, and stay informed about how their pregnancy is progressing. I’m always prepared for things to change!

This policy came in really handy here, as Vivian was more than two weeks early. But, because Vivian’s mom and I were in close contact, I was already fully prepared to document the birth. This unexpected curve ball was no problem!

The second potential issue with a baby coming early is that labor often progresses very quickly with small babies. Because they’re tiny, it’s less difficult for mom to actually birth them (yay for smaller heads!). An experienced birth photographer knows this, and is prepared to adjust accordingly!

Little Vivian was born VERY quickly, not long at all after I arrived at Woman’s Hospital for her arrival. Although little, she was pretty fierce – and avoided a trip to the NICU! Mom and dad were very grateful to have a healthy, sweet little angel in their arms before they knew it.

I love documenting ALL births, but first-time parents are often extra-special.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know all of my clients well enough that I feel like they’re friends of mine by the time they welcome their little bit. Watching these two become parents was an amazing feeling, for me! You could just feel their hearts expanding as they touched tiny hands and counted toes once she’d arrived.

Welcome to the world, Baby Vivian. You are so loved!
image of Woman's hospital

Father's hands, nervously clasped

father kissing mother on forehead

Father sneaking a look at mom

I love how dad could barely keep his eyes off of mom. <3

father laughing with mom
dad holding mom's hand during birth


baby is born and mom looks shocked and happy

This is one of my favorite reaction photos, ever! What joy. <3

family holding baby

newborn baby on mom's chest

newborn baby with eyes open, staring at dad
newborn baby on mom's chest
dad strokes newborn baby's hand after birth
dad holding newborn baby
newborn baby staring at camera

dad holding new baby girl

mom looks across room at dad holding baby with emotional look on her face

This one is probably my favorite image of the WHOLE day! I tell clients all the time that birth images are not just about the baby. How much LOVE is there in this look on mom’s face, as she falls in love with her husband just a little bit deeper? <3

new family poses with baby

dad kisses mom as she holds newborn baby
Image of baby weighed
baby with eyes wide open

baby getting footprints at Woman's hospital
Baby feet with ink on them
Mom kisses baby on forehead
newborn baby's head is measured
image of sleeping newborn baby

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