July 15, 2019

Wedding Planning Freebie | Call Anyone But The Bride | Bayou Rose Photography

Wedding planning freebie, anyone?

I’ve got a SUPER CUTE little tool for you guys who are wedding planning, today. And–spoiler alert–you don’t even have to be a client of mine to get it!

Although, you know–all are welcome. <3

If you know me, you know that I love me some tech toys. I adore tinkering around and discovering how to do new things! So, when I recently discovered a cool (free) online tool that would allow me to create this little informational card for use on a wedding day, I was all over it.

Listen: wedding planning is werk, y’all. I mean, the payoff is fantastic, but it’s one of the most overwhelming things you’ll ever do. You do all of that hard work on the front end, trying to put your perfect day together. You think you’ve thought of everything, and then–inevitably–sh!t happens.

Someone can’t find something. The florist has a last-minute substitution that needs approval. One of the groomsmen has been MIA since the bachelor party last night, and oh, hey – Do we have a contingency plan for who’s carrying the rings? Just asking.

Since you’ve been the one in charge of making all the big decisions for this whole shindig, people naturally want to ask you. They mean well, mostly – they just want your day to be what you’ve always dreamed of!

But you are stressed to the max, and this should be your moment of zen. The home stretch. Where alllll of your hard work pays off!

And there’s your Aunt Cindy, asking you if you’ve heard from your cousin yet, because she told him not to stay out too late, but that boy never listens.

The time has come to LET. IT. GO, friend. Your wedding day is happening now, and you’re saying I do to your BFF regardless of what your flowers look like, or who’s late to the party.

So, use this wedding planning freebie to delegate the ever-lovin’ CRAP out of those last-minute questions and decisions to be made. These downloadable PDFs have handy little text fields for you to fill in all of your important phone numbers. Just fill in the contact info of your Chief Wedding Generals, and enjoy the sweet, sweet feeling of delegation.

And if you’re a maid/man of honor, HELLO, HERO STATUS. A quick print-up, and handing these out to Aunt Cindys far and wide just made you a wedding day favorite. Who knows, maybe they’ll name a kid after you for this.

The value of relieving wedding day stress cannot be underestimated, after all.

Click your link below to get your download on!

Bride/Groom couples

Bride/Bride couples

Groom/Groom couples


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