October 31, 2019

Baton Rouge Gay Wedding Photographer – Destination Wedding Pensacola

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Cheri + Ana | Slideshow

When these two amazing women invited me to be a part of their destination wedding in Pensacola, I could not say yes fast enough. Cheri and Ana are both seriously kick-ass women! I knew before they told me a thing about their day that it was going to be perfect. Being a Baton Rouge gay wedding photographer is so much fun, as it is…and then these guys took me to Florida!

It gets better all the time, being me, folks. 😉 

These two–and their families–really “got” what is most important about photography, from the first. They told me that they just wanted to live their day, enjoy their time with their friends and family, and have a blast. Telling the story of their day through images was paramount to them!

They didn’t want to spend all day posing for photographs. They didn’t want to make a production of the whole shebang – they just wanted to concentrate on the emotion and love that would fill their day, and let the rest fall into place.

This is music to my ears, folks.

Here’s the thing about weddings: they are, at their core, all pretty similar. When you disassemble the parts and look at things from the outside…everyone goes down the aisle looking fancy. Everyone exchanges vows, swaps some jewelry, and says “I do”. There’s a kiss, a (often jubilant) race back DOWN the aisle, and then there’s a party.

The backdrop against which these events occur changes, yes. The details differ with tastes, the words spoken vary in pattern, and the party is either sedate or wild as befits the crowd.

None of that, though, tells the story of you.

What tells your story–the one no one else can duplicate–is what happens in the in-between.

This wedding–and these women–filled the day to bursting with real moments.

Some made us laugh, some made us cry–and then cry again–but all of them were meaningful, and made memories that’ll last forever and ever.

Your wedding day shouldn’t be a day spent checking things off of a “to-do” list. It should be lived, and felt!

As a gay wedding photographer in Baton Rouge, helping my clients–straight or LGBTQ–re-live the emotion of their wedding day is my number one goal.

On this day, on a beach in Pensacola Florida, we made lots of amazing memories together. From wild golf cart rides, tears upon tears, and fireworks and sparklers on the beach…we had it all.

Check out some of my very favorite ones from Ana and Cheri’s wedding day!


Cake: Oh Snap!

Floral: Fiore

DJ: Any Day DJ

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two brides walking in wedding dresses

I love that these girls wore tennis shoes under their fancy-pants dresses!

guests riding in golf cart while holding beer

bride is surprised by family heirloom pendant to wear on her wedding dress, cries

Anastasia gets surprised with a family heirloom to wear as her “something blue”

mother in law drinking while her daughter laughs at her

One of my favorite images ever, probably! Ana’s mom CHUGS a drink, while Ana laughs and she’s offered another. #DrinkMomDrink

LGBTQ bride holding bouquet and drink

gay wedding silhouette of two brides against sky near trees
gay wedding silhouette of two brides against sunburst in sky
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-10.jpg
brides peeking out of curtain before ceremony
flower girl rolls her eyes as she goes down aisle throwing petals

Flower girls provide some of the BEST entertainment ever, y’all.

first LGBTQ bride escorted down beach aisle by relative

A grip of true emotion, right there!

second LGBTQ bride escorted down aisle by her dad
silhouette of two brides at altar against Pensacola sunset sky

Sunsets are for silhouettes, yo.

two LGBTQ brides on dock at sunset
LGBTQ brides silhouetted near palm tree
gay brides hold hands on dock at sunset during wedding ceremony
brides sneak looks at one another during wedding ceremony
bride wipes away tear during wedding ceremony

I could not get ENOUGH of the tears, with these two!

mothers of brides and family members look on with emotion

Watching family and seeing the emotions that are on display for them is part of the story, too!

gay wedding bride laughing
brides at altar with family and friends behind them during ceremony

Just LOOK at all of the people who loved these two this much – to drive miles and miles to be there to surround them on this day.

brides photographed against palm fronds

Ana makes the best faces!

tear tracks on bride's face during wedding ceremony
LGBTQ bride laughing at partner during ceremony
image of bride laughing
two brides wiping away tears during ceremony
family and friends promising to support brides in their marriage

There came a point in the ceremony when the officiant asked that friends and family commit to support these two in their lives together. Not a dry eye was in evidence, here!

brides laughing during wedding ceremony on Pensacola dock

They make each other laugh. Then cry. Then laugh again. THE BEST.

reflection image of family looking on during wedding ceremony

I love this image of family members reflected and showing emotion for these two!

brides wiping away one another's tears
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-48.jpg
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-50.jpg
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-51.jpg
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-53.jpg
brides with reflection of prism

My second photographer got one of the coolest shots of ME during the ceremony…can you spot me? 😉

Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-56.jpg
brides from Baton Rouge exchanging rings during LGBTQ wedding ceremony
LGBTQ brides exchanging first kiss
mothers of brides hugging each other and crying after ceremony

Man, I’ll be honest – it totally got to me, seeing how full of joy these two moms were to see their girls get married to one another! #Family
black and white image of brides coming down aisle and crowd cheering
couple running away under string lights outdoors on Pensacola beach
silhouette of guests and string lights at reception at sunset in Pensacola
guests laughing and dancing
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-99.jpg
candle light portrait of baby in sling
bride running while holding her dress up at the reception
guests dancing at reception
bride singing to music and dancing at reception
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-84.jpg
emotional toasts at reception

These speeches were so emotional…and so funny!
brides laughing as bridesmaid gives toast
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-92.jpg
mother of bride looks on and cries during reception speeches

This quiet moment of mom gazing at her “girls”…<3

brides cutting rainbow colored cake
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-104.jpg
brides dancing under string lights at reception on Pensacola beachGay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-111.jpg
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-118.jpg
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-114.jpg
kids looking bored at reception

Teenagers and pre-teens are the same the world over – regardless of the backdrop! 😉 

brides throwing bouquets at same time
Gay Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge New Orleans-126.jpg
brides riding away on golf cart as sparklers are waved
LGBTQ brides kissing under string lights at night on Pensacola beach after wedding

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