October 2, 2019

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Candid family photography is one of my specialties. I cannot overstate how passionate I am about documenting a family’s memories and the people in them just as they are.

The thing about parenting is that it is completely exhausting, you guys. Sometimes it feels like all you’re ever doing as a parent is reacting to the next thing.

Fixing broken toys.

Kissing a bo-bo to make it all better.

Feeding the child who is constantly starving and complaining loudly about it.

Stopping that other child from killing themselves, as they seem absolutely determined to do.

Not to mention cleaning up all of the messes that just don’t stop.

It’s so easy to miss appreciating the best moments in your life when you’re busy being in them.

We get so busy, as parents, that we often don’t realize that our family’s life is zooming by quite as fast as it is. We’re so busy reacting that we don’t slow down, take a breath…and just soak it in.

I was so excited when this family invited me into their day for this session – not to capture the “smile and say cheese moments”, but to document them as they are now.

They said the words that always make my heart smile: “We want to remember how this time in our lives felt.”

This is what documentary family photography is all about! Remembering how your lives looked years from now is easy. Capturing how it felt is something completely different!

I wanted to create images for this family that helped them remember who they were at this stage in life. Exhausted, yes – frazzled, and busy, yes. But also: so, so fulfilled. Happy, and at peace, and loved. All of these feelings seem to get beat out by the stronger ones that come to the forefront when life with kids is hard!

My job, as a photographer capturing truly candid family photography, is to help my clients see the whole picture of their lives.

Life with kids is not just one thing – it’s frustrating, and it’s funny. It’s joyful, and it’s tearful. It’s mischief, and it’s love.

All of these things make up who a family is – and they’re all worth capturing in your family photos.

I love that this family just wanted to go about their everyday life for this family session! We rode bikes in a local park, roasted s’mores around a camp fire, and ended the evening with a little music. We captured the story of their family – not just pretty pictures!

These are the memories that will live forever in these kids’ minds. I’m so happy to have been a part of it!

Interested in a candid family photography session of your own? Click here and get started on creating your own story!

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Losing a tooth can make for funny photos. 😉

Girl riding bike around parents, motion blurred
boy laughing while riding his bike, motion blurred
children playing candidly riding bikes

Girl washes hands at kitchen sink

children mix cornbread together in kitchen

Girl holds guitar as she asks her dad to play

girl roasting marshmallow while laughing

family roasting marshmallows outside together
mother and son hugging in light of camp fire
father serenading mother with guitar at dusk in candid moment

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