October 4, 2019

Date Night Ideas for Couples | Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

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Date night ideas for couples – it’s a difficult topic! Whether you’ve been together for a short period and just want to think outside of the box, or if you’ve been together for a long time and want to shake things up…it’s fun to try new things!

The dinner and a movie routine can get old pretty quickly, I know. There never seems to be anything good in the theaters by the time you get around to putting a date night on the calendar! And dining out is great, and all…but can get pretty expensive.

So what do you do to spend quality time together as a couple, without being all boring about it?!

I’ve got some great ideas on how to spend time with one another that are fun and unique. These activities are great for anyone! Maybe you’re an engaged couple, and need a break to get away from all of the wedding planning stress. Or, maybe you’re an expectant couple who would love to maximize the last little bit of leisure time you have together before your family expands. OR, maybe you’re like me – just looking to spend some quality time with your significant other without the kids, and remind yourself why you married them in the first place. 😉

Whatever reason you have for gathering some date night ideas for couples, read on! I’ve got the goods for you!

Date Night Ideas For Introverts

There’s something to be said for a night out and away from your daily chaos, but sometimes you just want to “people” as little as possible. Staying in and doing things that just focus on each other is a great way to reset–and have fun doing it!

Game Night

I know, I know – your significant other is probably rolling their eyes right now at the prospect of playing Monopoly on a Friday night. But there are all kinds of fun games for couples now that are not your grandmother’s Parcheesi. THIS ONE is a great way to ask each other funny, thought-provoking questions and participate in activities that bring you closer as a couple. If you’re up for a double date, invite a couple or two over and play Watch Ya Mouth or What Do You Meme? You’ll learn all kinds of interesting things about one another – and build some inside-joke material that’ll last you for years. If you’re a purist when it comes to board games, THIS is one of my favorites, too. It’s a strategy game, which means you could find out allllll kinds of interesting things about one another after a round or two!

Date Night In A Box

Remember when subscription boxes were all the rage? These date-night themed ones are probably my favorite trend right now! You can have all of the “ingredients” for a fun night in delivered right to your door. And you totally don’t even have to put on real adult clothes to participate in them. #Holla

Check out THIS ONE for some fun activities, THIS ONE if you’re a drink-loving couple, and THIS ONE is perfect for music-lovers. My personal favorite, though, are murder mystery boxes. How fun is that?! Check out THIS LIST for some of the most popular ones around. I mean, if you can catch a murderer together…you can totally do this whole couples-life thing together, right?

Cook Something Together

Make something totally out of your comfort zone, together. Choose a culturally themed menu, make ice cream, or decorate cookies. Caveat: everyone participates…not just licks the bowl!

couple cooking together in their kitchen


Okay, so technically you’ll need to leave your house for this one – but the trade-off is worth it. You can find some great stargazing opportunities in your area by checking out your local astronomical society (check out THIS LINK for the Baton Rouge area!) You probably haven’t gone stargazing since you were a kid–if you ever have–and learning new things together is a great way to bond. Plus, you can totally argue over whether that constellation is Ursa Minor or Ursa Major for the entirety of your relationship, after this outing.

Ideas For Getting Out And About

couple having date night at a bar with drinks

Whether you’re married with kids, or just a couple who loves going new places – there are all kinds of fun date night ideas to explore out there. You can be as adventurous as you like – just choose an activity that you’ll both enjoy!


Not for the faint of heart, this one – but get a few drinks in you, and bravery comes easily. You’ll make memories and have stories to tell for a long time!

Mini Golf

This is one of those sports that seem easy, but can quickly get competitive and fun! It’s not just for kids, folks – it’s also for cut-throat level competitive adults. Trust me on this one.

Laser Tag

Similar to mini golf, this is an activity that’s really fun, and fosters a healthy sense of competition. Team up with friends to strategize together, or just go for the jugular and annihilate your partner. Your choice! 😉

Visit An International Grocery Store

Pretty much every city has a few cultural grocery stores. You’ll discover unique foods and have the opportunity to try (potentially weird) new snacks!


What are you passionate about as a couple? Find a project to support it! Soup kitchens, animal shelters, or cleaning up local parks – whatever your jam is, doing something to give back together is a great way to spend quality time together while giving back.

Have a Thrift Store Date

Here’s the deal: Two people, one thrift store. You both go your separate ways at the entrance, and choose outfits for one another to wear on a date night out. Will it go well? Will it be a disaster? NO ONE KNOWS. This one is a REALLY fun and potentially hilarious way to hang together.

Plan a Staycation

Find a city or tourist-attraction in your state that neither of you have ever visited before. Go explore it together! This is one of my favorite date night ideas for couples. Bonus points for contributing to the local economy by buying cheesy tourist-y souvenirs.

Some of my favorite local spots are The (Probably Haunted) Myrtles Plantation and Avery Island. Swamp tours are a fun activity, too!

These are just a few of my favorite date night ideas for couples. I hope I’ve given you an idea or two!

It’d be really fun to photograph your date night out, as a way of capturing the memories you create together. If you’re interested in having photos to commemorate your embarrassing karaoke adventure, couples cooking disaster, or day spent exploring new things, CLICK HERE to find out more about me and get in touch!

Graphic of fun date night ideas for couples

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