January 14, 2020

Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer | Lacey and Donnie

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This Baton Rouge backyard wedding was kinda all kinds of amazing, y’all. This is what weddings are all about – the people, the emotion, and the moments. The venue, and the decor, and everything else are the things that are happening around your wedding. I love backyard weddings because they’re always intimate affairs, and there’s more of a tendency to just slow down and enjoy your wedding day.

I loved Lacey and Donnie from the very first second that I met them. We talked over coffee about their history together, their jobs, what they meant to one another–and what they really wanted out of their wedding day.

Let me tell you the way to my heart, guys – it’s valuing memories over things. And I knew from our first conversation that these two *got it*.

They loved each other hard. They loved their friends and family hard. They loved life, and wanted nothing more than to marry each other while making memories that they could hold close and laugh over for years. The kind of memories that you cackle over in your nursing home, and make you tear up on your wedding anniversary.

That’s what I love giving my wedding photography clients – that moment, when they can look at a wedding photo, and feel again what they felt as they married their best friend.

Remember this? I loved you just this hard, from the first.

I don’t think thirty seconds went by all day, without these two laughing. They’re some of the most fun people I know, and it makes me so happy that I was able to show that through their wedding images.

These guys made their wedding day their own. Donnie wore his Army uniform. Lacey carried her grandmother’s pearls draped across her bouquet, and wore her mother’s wedding garter. Her dad, who is blind, wasn’t about to miss the chance to walk his girl down the aisle or dance with her at the reception. Lacey’s mother made both the wedding cake, and the military-themed groom’s cake. AND, there was a huge mound of cannolis, hand-made with love for them. (We *may* have partaken of a few!*)

They ate until they couldn’t anymore, they danced until they all but dropped, and they laughed until their sides hurt.

And THAT is how you “wedding”.

Here are a few of my very favorite memories of the day. <3

Black and white image of bride and bridesmaid getting ready
Bride getting hair curled

Image of bride to be twirling ring in mirror

The last-minute nervous ring-twirl. Someone should patent it, or something.

Groom opening groom's gift

This image cracks me up. Lacey gifted Donnie with a photo book, and to say he was surprised is an understatement!

Image of military groom getting ready for backyard wedding
bride playing with grandmother's pearls wrapped around wedding bouquet

I love the little significant details on a wedding day, and capturing my clients interacting with them. To me, this image is so much more meaningful than just staging a “detail” photo! You can feel the nervous-excitement in it. 🙂

groom watches bride come down aisle in backyard wedding

bride's blind walking her down the aisle

This image got me, man. I love how Lacey is looking at her dad, who is blind – and still walked her down the aisle! <3

couple holding hands under tree and bower during sunset backyard wedding

They were totally supposed to be praying reverently. #Shh

family members wipe away tears during Baton Rouge backyard wedding
Couple smiles at each other happily while exchanging rings during Baton Rouge backyard wedding
bride and groom first kiss in backyard wedding at sunset

bride and groom laughing under tree
black and white image of bride and groom in window

I love this image of these two peeking out at all their friends and family, waiting for them to be announced as husband and wife!
bride and groom first dance

I think this first dance sums up these guys’ personalities perfectly.
bride and groom kissing and laughing under string lights in outdoor backyard wedding in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0023.jpg
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0022.jpg

Thanks to my awesome second shooter, Scarlet, for this lovely (and oh-so-flattering) behind the scenes photos of me in action! This shows what the scene really looked like before I clicked the shutter button!

Wedding cake with military groom and nurse bride cake topper

Okay, but seriously – how cute are these cake toppers?! Military man groom and nurse bride. I die.

Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0024.jpg

Oh, Lacey – I love you. Your life priorities are my life priorities.

Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0025.jpg

Never gonna get tired of watching this wild crew dance.

Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0026.jpg
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0027.jpg

#CakeCakeCake – Lacey is a girl after my own heart.

Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0028.jpg
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0029.jpg
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0030.jpg
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0031.jpg
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0032.jpg
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0033.jpg
father daughter first dance

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

limbo at backyard wedding reception

Wait, that’s not how you limbo. *I’ll* show you how to limbo!

Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0036.jpg
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0037.jpg

I feel like you can *hear* the Journey song in this image.
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0038.jpg

Look, I get cool, pretty images of sparklers…
Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0039.jpg

…and then I get these, which will live in infamy. I could laugh at this chick’s facial expressions all day.

Baton Rouge Backyard Wedding Photographer_0042.jpg

We may or may not have recreated that scene from Dirty Dancing. #WeddingMemories

Oh, hey – did you recently get engaged? Are you looking for someone to document YOUR wedding day in a kick-ass manner? Drop me a line, and we can chat about all of the things! <3

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    Love, love, love these photos of the wedding! Thank you!

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