January 29, 2020

Intimate Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer | Ascension Parish L and B

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This intimate Baton Rouge area wedding is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorites. I’m such a lucky girl in that I get to work with GREAT people on the whole – but this day in particular made my heart sing.

Lindsey and Beau live in New York and are–wait for it–theater people! How cool is that? And in an interesting dose of serendipity, I discovered that Lindsey acts in a company that includes autistic adults. As the parent of an autistic child myself, I’m not gonna lie…that made me tear up a little bit to hear! Not only are these two sweet and all things wonderful – they’re also a part of a company that is inclusive, and are supporting their neurodiverse peers every day.

I’m a big believer in the theory that you can tell a lot about people by observing the crowd they surround themselves with.

By that measure, these two just couldn’t possibly get any better! Their friends and family were warm, and wonderful, and an insanely loving group. They were all so talented, too! Since a lot of the couple’s friends are also active in the arts, we had a lot of fun just focusing on the joy and the emotion of the day – and I don’t have to tell you that the reception dancing was a sight to see. There MAY or may not have also been some impromptu singing at the end of the night, for which I felt I should have paid admission. 😉

Lindsey and Beau had a beautiful, meaningful ceremony, a KICK-ASS doughnut wall, a Disney-themed cake, and a string-light decor to make a photographer die happy.

Above all, though, these guys just got what weddings are all about.

The vows, performed under a beautifully decorated arch, were spoken with emotion, earnest intent–and not a small number of tears.

The beautiful cupcake-cake, candy bar and doughnuts were consumed with laughter and gusto.

The chandelier-lit dance floor, while beautiful, was definitely put to the use it was intended for – making memories with those in life that we love the hardest.

On this night, in this beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony just outside of Baton Rouge, magic was made that these two and their loved ones will not soon forget. I am truly honored to have been a part of this day with these amazing people.

Check out a few of my very favorite images below, along with the stories behind them. I loved creating truly unique, artistic images that are not just “pictures” with this crew!

Interested in having your own intimate wedding photographed? Don’t get images that look like everyone else’s! CLICK HERE to check your wedding date’s availability!Champagne hour with bride and her friends

Lindsey wanted to have an intimate cocktail hour with her friends pre-ceremony! So much fun!
Donut board and wedding cake

I knew Lindsey and I were soul sisters FOR REAL when she told me that she wanted “all things dessert” at her wedding. ALL OF THE SWEET THINGS FOR THE WIN. A doughnut wall, cake, a candy bar for guests to make their own take-home bags as favors…this was gold!

Emotional reunion with friends during an intimate Baton Rouge area wedding

I don’t know that I’ve met a happier person in my life than this sweet woman right here!

Groom's mother pins boutenniere on groom during intimate Baton Rouge area wedding

Mother/son wedding day dreams, right here. Every time these two looked at each other they got emotional! (Note to my boys: A bar has been set.)
Groom with friends before wedding ceremony
flower girl before intimate Baton Rouge area wedding
flower girl concentrates while walking down aisle as bride watches and laughs

I love this image of this little flower girl – just trying to do her best on rough terrain, like all of the rest of us out here living our best lives.

bride walking down aisle during intimate Baton Rouge area wedding
groom wipes away tears during intimate back yard wedding near Baton Rouge

ALL THE TEARS. On both sides of the camera.
emotional bride and groom during wedding ceremony under tent
funny flower girl wanders around during wedding ceremony

Man, kids on wedding days are funny – and we are here for it. This little bit just decided to go for a walk mid-ceremony. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM!?
bride's friends recipe readings during wedding ceremony
bride and groom exchange vows in intimate Baton Rouge area wedding ceremony

Couldn’t get enough of the looks these two gave each other!

emotional image of groom holding bride's face after wedding ceremony first kiss

Now THAT, my friends – is a first kiss.

black and white image of bride and groom
bride and groom descend wedding aisle of intimate Baton Rouge area wedding ceremony
emotional groom wipes away tears after wedding ceremony

More tears. More happy-Cyd. 😉 #DoesThatMakeMeCrazy
bride and groom nuzzle after intimate wedding ceremony
Confetti canon popped by bride and groom after intimate wedding ceremony

Okay, listen – I have photographed a lot of weddings, and I am here to tell you that any kind of confetti-canon–especially one launched from a champagne bottle–is 100% a great idea. Do this, please and thank you!

bride and groom portrait under chandelier

Chandeliers and string lights are similarly spectacular ideas.

bride and groom under tent laughing, while storm clouds are overhead

All of the stormy nights like these, please.

bride and groom first dance under chandelier
bride and groom emotional first dance
guest dancing in intimate back yard wedding ceremony near Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer,St Amant,artistic,backyard wedding,emotional,
emotional bride and mom first dance


bride and father dance funny dance during wedding reception

I love silly father-daughter dances. Laughter to make forever-memories – that’s where it’s at.

Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer,St Amant,artistic,backyard wedding,emotional,
emotional groom dances with grandmother in wheelchair

It’s fine, I’m fine, everybody’s fine…Beau’s just dancing with his wheel-chair bound family member. Nobody’s crying behind the camera, move along…

money dance Baton Rouge wedding
money dance at Baton Rouge wedding

Making it rain for dat money dance, yo.

cupcake cake with bride and groom feeding one another
bride and groom eating doughnuts from doughnut wall
wedding guests dancing
guests dancing
bride and groom lit up during rain storm in Baton Rouge intimate wedding image

This image is, in a nutshell, why I stress not having too many “expectations” for your wedding day. The BEST moments are almost always the most unexpected. The most important thing you can ever do on your wedding day is to have an attitude of embracing the unexpected! I have no doubt that if you’d asked these two if they wanted rain on their wedding day, they’d have said no. But God love ’em, when a shower popped up and I suggested popping out for a quick shot, they were UP FOR IT. And this magic resulted. It’s an artistic image that speaks to their personality, and their relationship with one another, and the story of their day…all while looking really freaking cool.

Congratulations, you two! <3

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