February 10, 2020

Baton Rouge Maternity Photographer Rosedown with Dog

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This maternity photography session just outside of Baton Rouge, at Rosedown, was one of my favorites to date!

This is about how it went down when Erica asked me to photograph a maternity session for her:

Her: “Hey, how do you feel about dogs?”

Me: “Um, is that a trick question?”

Her: “Would you be okay with my dog being in some photos?”


If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m kind of a dog person. Just a little bit. In fact, one of my own dogs has his very own Insta account (it’s really extra, I know). He’s ridiculous, but we’re all just going along with it, at this point.

This maternity session is a perfect example of why you should hire a professional–one which you can really trust–to capture the most important moments of your lives.

Because sometimes, things just happen! And you have to rock and roll with it, folks.

You’d never know it to look at these images, but things had to move very quickly for this session! Due to some horrific traffic issues (I’m looking at you, Baton Rouge interstate system), we weren’t able to begin photographing until well after our anticipated start time. Because Rosedown closes promptly at 5pm, we had to BOOK it to get some great images in a very short period of time!

Luckily, these two trusted me implicitly (I love it when that happens!) and just went with the flow.

This is what can be done in roughly twenty minutes, from start to finish! We took images with the couple’s dog Koda first. Dogs’ attention spans are roughly on par with those of toddlers – so he was a priority. 😉

I love that we got some great maternity photos with their Koda–it makes me so happy! He’s been such a great big brother from the very first!

Roughly twenty minutes of photographing this maternity session, and I knew we’d gotten some great photos. Sometimes, twenty minutes is all it takes! These will always be some of my very favorites, I know. <3

I’m so happy that this couple trusted me with their entire birth story. Check back soon on the blog to see the emotional moments in which these two get to meet this little bump of theirs!

Interested in having your own maternity or birth photography session with me? Click HERE to find out more!

Maternity photo at Rosedown St Francisville with Spanish Moss
interracial maternity photography at Rosedown St Francisville with Spanish moss
maternity photography image at sunset at Rosedown with Spanish moss

Baton Rouge maternity photographer at Rosedown
interracial Baton Rouge maternity photography session at Rosedown

Baton Rouge maternity session at Rosedown after dark
Baton Rouge maternity photo with dog at Rosedown
dog pawing at baby shoes at Rosedown maternity photo session

dog wearing big brother scarf in Baton Rouge maternity photography session at Rosedown

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