May 10, 2020

Natural Birth at Woman’s Hospital Baton Rouge | Drew


These guys made natural birth at Woman’s hospital look good!

Meagan and Doug welcomed their fourth little one into the world at Woman’s a little while ago, and I was so honored that they asked me to document this for them. Meagan is a very talented photographer, herself! Not gonna lie – it’s always an honor when a fellow creative hires me. I wish I could say it ever becomes less nerve-wracking, though!

It takes a special amount of trust to invite a photographer into your birth space, as a parent. And as a photographer, Meagan knows what a great picture looks like – so to be asked to photograph this time in their lives was amazing!

Meagan and Doug had never had a baby at Woman’s Hospital before. They’re originally from up north, so choosing a hospital to have their little Louisiana guy at was really important! Of course, they were all in the very bet of hands, and everything went great.

One of the reasons I love photographing at Woman’s so much is that they are always so supportive of their delivering moms. Whatever your birth plan, the doctors and nurses are there for you, one hundred percent. While a lot of my birth clients chooses to have an epidural, Meagan’s birth is a great example of how you can have a natural birth at Woman’s hospital. Mom had dad at her side, and a calming photo to focus on–and she absolutely rocked it!

Everyone was healthy and perfect when little Drew was born, but this was indeed one of the fastest birth experiences of my career! It was a great example of how crazy the job that I do can be. Sometimes (especially when it’s not mom’s first baby), things move very fast! Even though I left immediately after the family’s call, and even though they called as soon as labor got serious…

Drew was born a mere 13 minutes after my arrival at the hospital!

When you’re considering photographers to hire to document your birth story, it’s so important to consider the experience angle. A good birth photographer knows that there is no predicting birth! As a result, we are ready to not just run, but sprint into the birthing space at the drop of a hat. 😉

And sprint I did, for this one. Drew was a big little dude, and had one of the most impressive umbilical cords I’ve ever seen! He was all things perfect – squishy, and healthy, and so extremely loved, from the very first.

Watching him come into the world and being trusted with documenting his first moments as well as the moments his family first got to meet him was so magical!

Check out a few of my very favorite images from this little guy’s birth story.


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dad supporting mom in natural birth at Woman's Hospital

natural birth of baby boy at woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge

baby boy being born

Check out that crazy cord! It was so thick!

parents joyful after natural birth at Woman's hospital
parents looking at newborn baby boy
dad laughing
parents looking at each other after birth of baby boy
newborn baby boy looking at mom
newborn baby boy with eyes open
newborn breastfeeding at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge
funny newborn photo of baby boy
breastfeeding photo of baby boy
mom holding newborn baby boy's hand
baby footprints after natural birth at woman's hospital
dad bonding with newborn baby boy
baby boy getting first bath at Woman's Hospital
first bath newborn boy at Woman's hospital in Baton Rouge

baby boy with lots of hair

Check out how much hair this kid had!

dad with newborn baby boy
Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
parents holding baby boy and laughing together

I love this image so much! Mom and dad, laughing together as they hold their beautiful baby boy.

Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
mom smiling at newborn baby boy at Woman's Hospital
Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
big brother meeting new baby brother in a Spiderman costume

When your older kids are meeting their baby brother…just know that I am always, 100% going to be on board with at least one of the kids being in costume. 👌

Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
siblings meeting newborn baby brother
Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,
Birth,Woman's Hospital,boy,

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