June 10, 2020

Baton Rouge Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Declan

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As a Baton Rouge lifestyle newborn photographer, I get to work with some really cute kids. For this session, I got a *double* dose of cute, y’all!

There’s just something about the relationship between a new baby and an excited new sibling that I love documenting. This big sister was SO in love with her new little man, and it was so much fun to photograph their relationship. One of the best parts of my job is providing images that capture the memory of BIG times in people’s lives.

Big sis is at that age where she’ll remember bits and pieces of the first few days and weeks of her brother’s life, but as the years go by…well, things will get a little fuzzy. I love that even when these two are grown, they’ll both have these photos to look back on to document their first weeks together.

And can we TALK ABOUT mom and dad’s photos?! They were just as wonderful as the couple themselves. I felt so welcomed into their home, when I arrived – we had a lot of fun just chatting and getting to know each other better as we photographed. I was originally supposed to document little Declan’s birth at Woman’s hospital, but since COVID kinda rained on that parade, we wanted to make sure we still got some great memories in their home after they were discharged.

I just love watching new parents with their newborn, man. A lot of my job is not actually pressing buttons – it’s more about observation, and patience. Just putting parents into good light, with their baby in their arms…well, it’s just a matter of time before some magic happens.

After getting some images of big sister, and mom and dad – it was time for Declan’s close-up. We went into his nursery for some adorable photos of him in his crib.

How stunning is this nursery, you guys?!

Confession: I only wish I had any kind of decorating-sense.  Parents who can craft this kind of picturesque nursery decor amaze me! I adored the graphic on the wall, a quote from the children’s book, “Love You Forever.” I remember reading that book to my own boys as infants, and I don’t think I was ever able to get through it without tearing up! It’s a must for every nursery bookshelf, in my opinion.

Check out a few of my very favorite images from Declan’s lifestyle newborn photography session in Baton Rouge! And if YOU are interested in documenting your baby’s birth, or just their first few days at home–SAY HI, and let’s get to know one another!
Big sister snuggling newborn baby brother
Big sister giving little brother a kiss during his lifestyle newborn photography session in Baton Rouge
big sister laughing with newborn baby brother
Dad brushing hair out of daughter's face as she holds her new baby brother
Baton Rouge Baby Photographer Lifestyle Newborn session showing whole family
mom holding newborn baby boy
dad kissing newborn on the forehead as he holds him
dad laughing as he holds his new son
closeup photo of newborn baby boy
mom smiling at new baby
newborn baby making funny face
mom kissing newborn on forehead
Baton Rouge Baby Photographer Lifestyle Newborn image of parents holding newborn baby's feet
new mom laughing as she holds her newborn baby boy
Baton Rouge Baby Photographer Lifestyle Newborn imageof mom and dad with baby
Baton Rouge Lifestyle Newborn Photographer image of family together with newborn
Baton Rouge lifestyle newborn photographer image of beautiful boy nursery
mom holding baby in nursery with Love You Forever quote on wall
newborn baby boy in crib sticking his tongue out


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