July 7, 2020

Maternity Photographer Baton Rouge | State Capitol

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Among other things, I love being a maternity photographer in Baton Rouge. We have some of the most amazing locations for gorgeous baby bump photos around! And, not gonna lie – it’s so nice when a couple is totally down for getting up early for photographs.

Early-morning, dawn photo sessions are *maybe* not the most appealing in theory…but man, does a great time slot pay off!

One of my tips for success when it comes to any photo session is to pick a great time slot. For warmer months, photographing at dawn is a decision that gives back, big time!

Here are some of the benefits to photographing an early-morning session:

  1. Cooler temperatures
  2. Fewer people around
  3. Less chance of rainy weather conditions
  4. You can get all dolled up, and then have the rest of the day to enjoy it
  5. No bugs!

That last benefit cannot be underestimated, folks. I have photographed downtown in Baton Rouge at sunset, and while it’s a beautiful time of day…you would not BELIEVE how many bugs are out at that time!

When I photographed this session for Claudia and Cameron a while back, though…the bugs were all still sleeping (glory, hallelujah). 😉 I love that these two trusted my recommendation on choosing a good time to take their maternity photographs, and got up extra early with me! They even got in a cute way to announce the name of their baby to friends and family. What a creative way to announce your new baby’s name!

As you can see, we had beautiful light, great weather, no crowds, and zero bugs for this maternity photo session!

And, while it’s a fun idea to go out and enjoy looking all cute after your maternity session…these two went home and took a nap after theirs.

Which, to be honest…they kinda needed, with that baby coming.

I wasn’t mad about it. 😂

Check out these ADORABLE maternity photos, y’all!


Looking for a maternity photographer in Baton Rouge? Don’t be shy – say hi!


Then check out my Resources for Parents to get some handy info if you’re expecting your own little one. ♥


Maternity photo of couple in downtown Baton Rouge
dad kissing mom on the cheek in Baton Rouge maternity photographer photo
maternity photo Baton Rouge - mother to be
mom and dad kissing in maternity photo
baby name announcement in silhouette photo
dawn maternity photographer with sun flare in downtown Baton Rouge
maternity photo silhouette against downtown Baton Rouge sky
Baton Rouge maternity photo showing baby name announcement on capitol steps
maternity photo of mom at sunrise
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Maternity photo of mom silhouetted against Baton Rouge capitol
Baton Rouge maternity photographer session sunrise downtown Baton Rouge

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