September 9, 2020

The Gatehouse Wedding Photographer Baton Rouge | Kaila and Cameron

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I love being a wedding photographer at The Gatehouse in Baton Rouge. This wedding venue has long been one of my very favorites, for its warm and wonderful staff, and endless attention to detail. I always know they will take care of “my people” 100% 👌 This post-pandemic wedding was no exception.

Since COVID-19 hit, things have been a little different in the wedding photography world, to say the least. My last wedding at The Gatehouse was literally *the day* before the whole world shut down! Kaila and Cameron, here, had to reschedule their wedding from their original Spring date, and we were all determined to rock this day together. ♥

These two have been with me since the very beginning – I got to photograph their proposal, their engagement session, and now the wedding! We’ve been together through thick and thin, these guys and I. 😎

I talk a lot about the importance of finding “your people” when you’re planning your wedding.

It’s so, so important to find people who just “get you” and what you really want for your big day.

And for me, it’s equally important that I find *my* people, as well! When I find clients who can become friends, and really believe in the way that I work, it ALL comes together, friends.

Evidence: these guys and their crew. ♥ With all of the pandemic wedding-planning stress they’ve been under for the last few months, it would have been perfectly understandable if they were super stressed out on their wedding day! But, nope. Not these guys! They were just happy, and in love, and ready to get hitched.

That kind of happy just shows in photos, y’all.

When you go with the flow, and let your day just unfold how it’s meant to–magic happens. The best kind.

This wedding day was all kinds of wild and fun and memorable. AND it brought a first for me…I had to bring out the first aid kit that I always keep in my car, for the very first time!

Making memories, amIright?!

Check out a few of my very favorite photos from Kaila and Cameron’s wedding day at The Gatehouse. AND, special thanks to the vendors who made magic with us this day!


Venue: The Gatehouse

Hair and makeup: Ivory Rose Beauty Co


Wedding day hair and makeup as bride sips beer

I love the “What A Cluster” koozie 😂
Groomsmen tying ties while wearing masks
Groom brushing teeth as he gets ready
Bride's mom looks on as she gets ready
Groom and groomsmen get ready for wedding at The Gatehouse Baton Rouge
Groom adjusting cufflinks in window light
black and white image of bride getting her hair done
Bride's mom gets emotional as she receives a gift from the bride
Bridesmaid laughs with joy as she discovers that her bridesmaid's dress has pockets

I love this moment of discovery! The bridesmaids didn’t know that their dresses had pockets until *just* this moment! Haha!

Groom and groomsmen photos on wedding day
Bridesmaid and bride bond over injured toe just before the wedding ceremony at The Gatehouse

Story time, folks! Literally JUST as we arrived at the wedding venue, the maid of honor stubbed her toe and experienced a little bit of a first-aid crisis. Even though this incident wasn’t anything anyone would have planned for a wedding day…it served as a reminder of why documentary wedding photography is really important. Because of this little crisis, everyone really pulled together to both help her (note the foot propped on the wine bottle, haha), and still keep everything on track for Kaila (who was cool and collected about the whole thing).

They may have been laughing through a few tears…but they laughed! And a quick shoe-change later, this boss of a maid of honor was enjoying that reception along with everyone else!

The Gatehouse wedding photographer bride getting into her wedding dress
Artistic photo of bride reflected in beveled mirror
The Gatehouse wedding photographer bridesmaids making bride laugh before ceremony

Another funny moment with these girls! They rallied around Kaila to help her calm her nerves…before all realizing at the last moment that one of her buttons needed attention! 😂

The Gatehouse wedding photographer groom first look

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I *love* watching that first look! 😍 It never, ever gets old.

The Gatehouse wedding photographer bride coming down the aisle
The Gatehouse wedding photographer bride being given away by her father

These photos are a great example of what having a second photographer can give you – even on smaller weddings. You don’t need to be planning a 500 person wedding for a second photographer to be necessary! My girl and I were able to catch everyone’s faces from both angles for this moment, and it was so worth it!

Bride and groom at altar under gazebo at The Gatehouse as bridesmaid cries
Bride and groom smile at each other at the altar
Bridesmaid looks on at bride and groom and cries as she laughs during the vows

Another reason to have a second photographer – we can both notice all of the little moments happening around you on your wedding day!

The Gatehouse wedding photographer couple grin at each other
Bride takes deep breath before reciting wedding vows at The Gatehouse
Bride and groom laugh at the altar at The Gatehouse
Groom reads his vows under the gazebo at The Gatehouse Baton Rouge
First kiss at The Gatehouse wedding
The Gatehouse wedding photographer first kiss under gazebo
Mother of the bride cries and claps as bride and groom comes down wedding aisle
Bride and groom descend wedding aisle at The Gatehouse
Bride and groom look at each other lovingly after wedding ceremony
Bride and groom portrait under the gazebo at The Gatehouse
Bride and groom wedding photo
Black and white bride and groom photo at The Gatehouse
Bride portrait at The Gatehouse Baton Rouge
Bride and groom laughing at each other as they are announced in as husband and wife at The Gatehouse
Toast during wedding reception at The Gatehouse
Speeches at wedding reception at The Gatehouse
Best man gives speech during wedding reception
Guests laugh at wedding speech
Wedding speeches
Wedding toast at The Gatehouse Baton Rouge
Groom glares at bride as she contemplates putting cake in his face
Bride threatens groom playfully during wedding cake cutting at The Gatehouse
First dance at The Gatehouse Baton Rouge
Groom gazes lovingly at bride during first dance The Gatehouse wedding photographer
Groom spins bride during first dance
Father daughter dance at The Gatehouse
Mother son dance at The Gatehouse Baton Rouge
Family members dance at The Gatehouse Baton Rouge
Social distance dancing during wedding reception
Funny kid at wedding reception at The Gatehouse
wedding reception dancing
Bride is whirled around the dance floor during wedding reception
Sweet look between bride and groom during dance
guests dancing at wedding reception
Shoe game at wedding reception at The Gatehouse
wedding shoe game

I love how Kaila totally didn’t want to admit that Cameron had her topped in a few of these wedding shoe game questions. She got her own back, though!

wedding shoe game photo

guest reactions to wedding shoe game
dancing at wedding reception
Last dance under the gazebo at The Gatehouse

I love that Kaila and Cameron did a last dance under the gazebo at the end of the night!

Sweet last dance at the end of the wedding night
Last dance under the gazebo at The Gatehouse

Kids at weddings, man… 😂
Bride and groom run through bubbles during wedding exit

Wedding exits don’t have to be boring! Make it your own, and SPRINT through those bubbles! 🎉

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