March 23, 2021

Baton Rouge Elopement Wedding | Alex and James

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Baton Rouge Elopement Wedding | Alex and James

The resilience of couples getting married amidst a global pandemic is so awe-inspiring, to me. Alex and James have been planning their wedding for months and months, now. After ‘Rona turned everything upside down, they decided to get married now in a small, intimate ceremony at Spirit of Truth World Ministry, and save the big celebration for later.

I adore these two – after photographing their engagements and their engagement party, I was so excited to be a part of this big day with them. It shocked me not at all that Alex and James just rolled right into this! No stress for them – they just wanted to get married, and have fun with it.

That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, folks. Great moments, high emotion, and meaningful connections like these exist on every wedding day. It doesn’t matter whether your wedding is big, or small. Whether it happens in a big cathedral, your back yard, a fancy venue, or your home church.

What matters, in the end, is marrying the love of your life, and having a GREAT time doing it with those you love.

Alex and James’ elopement contained ALL of the magic and emotion that fuels me in what I do!

I live for moments like these!

We had funny moments, we had teary moments, and we had so much fun.

We also learned that if you have a crazy-looking doll staring at you as you’re getting ready for your wedding day…this photographer will absolutely be photographing it and laughing her ass off. 😂

Congrats to these two, for getting it DONE! 🙌

Planning by Posh Meets Chic Event Planning

Reception at Drusilla Seafood



Friend looks on as bride gets ready for elopement wedding

friend puts on music for bride as she gets ready for her wedding

Get you a friend who curates a HYPE playlist for you as you get ready for your wedding day. 😎
bride gets makeup done on wedding day

bride hugs mother in law while getting ready
bride gets ready in Sunday school room on morning of her wedding. Children's doll looks on.

Okay, look – if you have a really unique element to your day, just know that I’m gonna be all over photographing it. Whatever it is, haha! This doll and the googly eyes cracked me UP!
mother of the bride getting her makeup done
mom keeping a watchful eye on her baby girl on the wedding day

I love how invested Alex’s mom was in her wedding day. She was DETERMINED for everything to be perfect for her baby girl!
bride's tattoo of Louisiana
moment of connection between mom and bride on wedding day

The people surrounding you on the most important day of your life will always have a special place in your heart!
bride putting on headpiece before wedding
bride getting into wedding dress
bride in wedding veil
portrait of bride holding bouquet with veil
bride and mother walking down aisle
groom at altar

Dear James: This is the absolute BEST “I just saw my bride for the first time” look ever. #YepI’mMarryingThatQueen
Bride an d mother walking down wedding aisle

And THIS is the funniest “mom about to give her daughter away” look ever. ♥
elopement,mixed couple,wedding,

elopement,mixed couple,wedding,
mother giving bride away
bride and groom at wedding altar during elopement
black and white image of bride in wedding veil
mom tears up watching her daughter get married

Moms on wedding days, man… 😭
wedding rings being exchanged during elopement ceremony in Baton Rouge

black and white image of Baton Rouge elopement wedding
bride and groom at altar during elopement wedding in Baton Rouge

elopement couple smiling happily after wedding
elopement wedding kiss in church aisle

elopement wedding reception at Drusilla Seafood
image of table filled with people at wedding reception in restaurant
portrait of bride and groom laughing
elopement bride and groom portrait with couple smiling
kissing bride and groom portrait after elopement in Baton Rouge
laughing bride and groom


Looking for a Baton Rouge elopement wedding photographer? I love real, meaningful moments – so hit me up! 🙌

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