August 23, 2019

What To Buy for Baby | What Do You Really Need for Your Newborn?

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Buying For Baby – What Do You Really Need?

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Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links for products I really (actually, in-real-life) believe in. This means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. Opinions expressed are entirely my own! 

What to buy for baby.

If you’re newly expecting parent, or even a parent who’s been around the block before, but haven’t been in the newborn phase for a hot second – this is probably a question haunting you right now.

I remember well how exciting it was, registering for baby gifts. You get that registry started, begin all the clicking and scanning, and you are drunk with power. You’re suddenly convinced that you need ALL OF THE BABY THINGS. Every gadget seems to solve some specific problem that you’re convinced you and your baby are going to have.

Here’s the thing, though – there are some things that you’ll need that you don’t think about. Other things, you’ll feel like you absolutely need, but will use maybe once or twice. If at all.

You’ve got a lot of expensive years ahead of you, friend. Save your money for the really useful things, and ditch those expensive “must have” items that you’ll just be selling at a garage sale soon.

So – what’s useful, and what’s not?

I’m glad you asked, friend. I’ve been through this baby thing a time or two, myself. I also spend a lot of time around moms, so I’ve got the skinny for you!

Of course, one person’s miracle-product can always be someone else’s dud. So, ultimately, what will work for you may be different than someone else’s “must have” list! But, these general guidelines should give you some food for thought, if you’re completely clueless.

This week, we’re going to cover the absolute necessities. In the next two posts, I’ll talk about cool products that will make your life so much easier, and in the final week we’ll discuss the “Say What?” element of the baby-stuff world. You know – those things that are all marketing hype, and that you should totally skip.

The Must-Haves

Okay, we’re starting with the basics, here. When deciding what to buy for baby, register or save up for these items first, ‘cuz they’re kind of key in keeping your kid alive, safe, and their basic needs seen to. Bonus points for not getting yourself arrested for riding around in your car with a baby on your lap.

Car seat

There are many, many kinds out there, but THIS ONE grows with your baby, so you don’t have to buy a separate booster seat later. If a dedicated infant car seat is more your style, THIS ONE FROM CHICCO is a great choice. It snaps in and out of a base in your car. You can take a sleeping baby with you from car, to stroller, and back to car, without waking them (theoretically)!


This is another item that’s subject to personal preference on style, but a convertible crib like THIS ONE is a good investment. It turns from crib, to toddler bed, to day bed, and into a full sized bed as your child grows. Now, whether any bed is going to survive that many years with your child…that’s up for debate.

Diapers and wipes

You’re going to need lots, and LOTS of diapers and wipes. Whether you’re a CLOTH DIAPER person, or want to go the disposable route…just stock up, fam. It’s a good idea to buy the small sizes in smaller amounts, since those get outgrown quickly. Cloth wipes, like THESE, are great for babies with sensitive skin, or if you’re just going the low-waste route. I’d still recommend having some disposable ones on hand for emergencies, though! Sometimes, you just gotta wipe and toss. They’re great for cleaning up sticky messes on the go!

Diaper bags

Yes, I said “bags” – plural. Children are messy creatures that steal your brain cells, and there is a 100% chance that you’re going to be caught out in public, in desperate need of a fresh diaper and/or change of clothes…when you left your bag at home. There will also be times which the supplies that you did remember to bring with you aren’t enough – and you need spares. So, do yourself a favor and buy one nice diaper bag, like THIS ONE, and keep a second stocked with emergency supplies in your car. You’re welcome.

Feeding supplies

Whether you’re planning on nursing, formula feeding, or some combination of the two…you’re gonna need a few things. Formula feeding parents may rely more on bottles than nursing parents do, but it’s still a good idea to have some. Using stored breast milk to give your partner a go at feeding your baby can be a lifesaver. And, if your baby is going to daycare, you’ll need something for them to eat from when they’re away from you. THESE bottles work well with Madela’s breast pumps, so you can use storage bottles to feed your baby once you attach a bottle nipple. And THESE are great for just about anyone – I’ve had friends who SWEAR by them as miracle-workers to rid their baby of gas! Just make sure you get bottles with nipples that are appropriate for your baby’s age. The appropriate “flow” differs by developmental stage, so keep an eye out for age markings on bottles you’re considering.

For nursing moms, a good set of nursing pads is a must. They come in reusable, and disposable versions. Whatever you choose, just know that you’re gonna need a little extra protection when that random baby cries in the mall, and your body decides to cue you to feed it.


Okay, that’s it for this installment of what to buy for baby! Next week, we’re going to talk about the things that make your life easier as a parent. Maybe not strictly necessary things…but save-your-sanity level necessary, at least.

PS – Links contained in this post are affiliate links, but only ‘cuz I believe in the products. Swearsies! 

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