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September 20, 2019

So, you’ve got a photo session coming up, and you need some engagement session tips. You want it to be fantastic, but you’re a little nervous about the whole thing. What exactly will you be doing? What if you’re awkward? And what are you supposed to do with your hands?! Don’t worry, fam – I […]

September 14, 2019

Including your dog in your engagement photos is one of my very favorite of engagement session ideas. I get asked pretty frequently if my clients can bring along their fur babies to our shoots, and–spoiler alert–I am always totally down for that. I’m a huge dog person myself, so I totally get it. They’re our […]

September 6, 2019

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Time for the next installment in our “What To Buy For Baby” series – What NOT to buy for baby! There are SO MANY  baby products out there, you guys. So many. When you’re trying to set up your nursery, it can be so overwhelming, trying to decide what to register for, what to buy, […]

August 30, 2019

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Okay, time for part two in our Baby Buying Guide series. We’ve covered the basics of keeping your kid alive and (relatively) clean in our first installment, which you can find HERE if you missed it. So, now it’s on to the things that are going to make your life so much easier. Sure, pioneer […]

August 23, 2019

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Buying For Baby – What Do You Really Need?   What to buy for baby. If you’re newly expecting parent, or even a parent who’s been around the block before, but haven’t been in the newborn phase for a hot second – this is probably a question haunting you right now. I remember well how exciting […]

August 16, 2019

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So, you’re planning a destination wedding in New Orleans. Congrats! There’s legit no cooler place on earth to get married than the Big Easy. The food, the culture, the history, THE MUSIC…none of it can be beat. You’re going to have a blast saying your I Do’s here, no doubt – but there are a few […]

August 9, 2019

The Best Investment You Can Make While Planning Your Wedding | by Randi Fracassi Thought I was gonna say me, huh? As much as I would like to say that a wedding planner is the best investment you can make–or even a photographer, videographer, or great food–I can’t lie to y’all. Although having a planner […]

August 2, 2019

Creating a Wedding Ceremony from Scratch | by Randi Fracassi Today, we’re talking about the wedding ceremony. What should you expect when you’re planning one? What elements are necessary, what do they mean, and how can you make it your own? Lead on, Randi. 😉 First and foremost, let’s address that no two ceremonies are […]

July 26, 2019

Being A Bridesmaid – What You Need to Know | by Randi Fracassi Being a bridesmaid (or bride’s man!) is exciting, and an honor. The bride picked you–whether you are a family member or one of her closest friends, you get the privilege of standing beside her and her honey on their wedding day to […]

July 19, 2019

Wedding Planning With Me: How to Plan Your Wedding With Intention | By Randi Fracassi We all want a beautiful wedding. A day where all the details reflect you and your style, that tells a story. You want a day that has your guests experiencing the best night of your life with you. The trick, […]

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