September 20, 2019

Preparing For Your Engagement Session | Tips for Great Photos!

So, you’ve got a photo session coming up, and you need some engagement session tips. You want it to be fantastic, but you’re a little nervous about the whole thing. What exactly will you be doing? What if you’re awkward? And what are you supposed to do with your hands?!

Don’t worry, fam – I got you. And I’ll tell you a little secret – I’m kinda awkward, too. When my friend Katie photographed me recently, I promise that I felt just as awkward and nervous as any of my clients ever do at the start of our sessions! So, there’s no shame in a little bit of nerves. We all get them!

That’s why I’m writing this little guide – let’s call it Engagement Session Tips for Awkward people, shall we? We’ll talk about what to expect, how to prepare, and some overall things to know so that you’re fully prepared to rock your engagement photos.

Engagement Session Tip #1: What to Wear

This is probably the number one most popular question I get! “What do we wear for our engagement photos?” While there’s really no “right” answer here, I think the most important thing is that you’re comfortable, and true to yourself. You can always find plenty of inspiration outfits over on this Pinterest board, but at the end of the day, you need to feel good in what you’re wearing. That’s the key. It doesn’t do you any good to look like supermodels if you’re miserable wearing the clothes!

So, start with a style of clothing that you both feel good in – most of my clients bring one dressy outfit, and one casual one. From there, choose colors that compliment one another, and aren’t too loud or distracting. That Pinterest board will help there, too! Avoid logos that may date your photographs – and I usually recommend that you avoid colors that are going to match the background setting of your session. So, forest green isn’t exactly ideal if you’re photographing in a woodsy area! Unless you want to blend right into the background. 😉

Couple posing for engagement photos in a garden area of New Orleans

Tip # 2: Use This Excuse To Get Your Fancy On!

It’s always a good idea to do a trial run for your vendors before your wedding day – so why not use your engagement session as an excuse to get all fancy-like? Get your hair and makeup done, put on those pretty clothes, and go out to eat after your session! You’ll get a little more bang for your buck, and it’s a great excuse to relax and enjoy each other’s company before wedding planning stress starts ramping up.

Man and woman in location of downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tip #3: Make Your Session Meaningful

Now, I don’t say “bring props”, here. But many couples love including their beloved pets in their engagement photographs for a few shots – and I am all about that! Even if you don’t have pets, though, the point is to showcase your personality and who you are in your session. So, bring anything that really showcases who you are as a couple, and what’s important to your life together!

If you ARE bringing your pet, check out THIS POST for some handy tips on how to get the best photos possible!

Couple holding two daschund dogs during engagement session, one dog licking nose of owner

Tip #4: Pick A Location That Fits You

I can help you with a list of suggestions, but the point is to pick a location that fits you as a couple. Are you city people, loving the night life? Or are you more country, and want a romantic garden look? Or do you want something totally out of the box? Whatever it is, you do you – but make sure your photography session is true to who you are!

Couple kissing in bar holding cocktails

Tip #5: Consider When To Schedule Your Session

The best times of day for outdoor engagement sessions are within an hour of sunrise or sunset. Morning light and sunset light provide two totally different looks, but either is a great choice! If you’re up for a sunrise session, the light is soft and pretty, and the temperatures are often much cooler. The crowds (and mosquitoes) are usually lower, too! Evening sessions can provide really fiery sunset light, and you can head right to a nice dinner after. The choice is yours!

Couple posing in field for engagement photos at sunset

Engagement Session Tip #6: Consider Photo Orientation

I provide a mix of vertical and horizontal images for my engagement session clients, but if you have a save-the-date design picked out, or a special frame you want to fill, be sure to let your photographer know! Not every photograph will work for every card design, so we want to make sure we keep any specific photo need in mind when we’re photographing.

Couple snuggling in park, trees surrounding them

Engagement Session Tip #7: Be Yourself – And Trust Your Photographer With The Rest!

It’s really important to me that my couples not only look good for their engagement session images, but that they also feel good! To that end, I solemnly swear to make things as non-awkward as possible. Focus on each other, be willing to laugh at yourselves, and enjoy the experience! You only get it once. This is a time in your life that is so much fun, so embrace it. Your photographer is the expert at this – trust me to tell you what to do with your hands, where to look and when…and generally just make you look great (and not awkward)!

couple laughing at each other behind bushes

I hope you’ve enjoyed these engagement session tips! If you’d like to find out more about scheduling a session with me, CLICK HERE to get in touch!

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