July 12, 2019

Baton Rouge Wedding Photography | The Value of a Second Photographer

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When you’re planning a wedding, there are a lot of decisions to make. Once choice facing you when it comes to booking your wedding photographer is whether or not to have a second photographer for your wedding day. But the value of having a second photographer can’t be overstated!

What are the advantages of having two photographers? Do you really need two? You may be wondering whether or not it’s worth it to save a little bit of wedding budget money by going with a photography package that includes only one photographer.

Bride being dressed by mother taken by second photographer

What does a second photographer do?

Most people realize that a second photographer provides extra “coverage” on the wedding day. Consequently, you’ll get more photos in your gallery with two people shooting, as opposed to one. And that’s great! Having two people photograph means that more of the very best moments on your wedding day will be photographed, and live forever.

But what are the “duties” of a second photographer? What are you missing if you don’t get one? Here are some things that my second photographer does for my clients on the wedding day, and the value of having a second photographer for your own.

Getting-ready photographs for everyone.

Groom getting dressed taken by second photographer

Most couples don’t see one another before the big walk down the aisle, so they’re getting ready at two different locations. Even if you do get ready at the same location, you usually get dressed and prepped in different rooms.

Naturally, I can only be in one place at a time while both of you are getting ready.

And the thing about getting-ready coverage is that it’s not just about the actual “dressing” part – it’s more about the relationships between everyone in the getting-ready rooms that come out during these hours before you’re married.

All kinds of emotions (and humor) are on display at this portion of the day! This is often the only time that you’ll have actual quality time with your important people before things get hectic. Having a second photographer there to capture your partner’s parents getting emotional can be priceless. And let’s not forget the last round of shots with friends as a single person!

After all – they’re just as much a part of the day as you are!

(Psst: you can learn more about the value of getting-ready photography HERE)

Ready for anything

There are a lot of things happening on a wedding day, often simultaneously. And there are often a few surprises in store. What’s a wedding day without a few sharp left turns, after all? Your photography team should have every opportunity to be on top of things, so when that one kid gets crazy on the dance floor just as you’re signing your marriage license – you’re covered. Photos of both = in the bag.

Multiple angles

When my second photographer and I work together, we often frame our shots opposite of one another. We also move around the room or venue to photograph from different angles. This means that you will get the image you always wanted of your dad giving you away, while you also get a photograph of the look on your mom’s face as he does so.

Nice, right?

Emergency backup plan

Here’s the thing – life happens. Even for a wedding photographer, life happens!

I’ve never missed a wedding, ever – but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for me to get into a car wreck on the way to your venue. And as we learned from the great flood of 2016, sometimes Mother Nature is a raging psychopath.

I had photographer friends who couldn’t make it of their neighborhoods to be able to photograph their clients’ weddings.

I’ve had photographer friends come down with an extremely high fever the night before the wedding, and end up in the emergency room.

I myself have photographed a wedding two days after my mother was in a horrific car accident, resulting in her spending over thirty days in the ICU in a medically induced coma.

Life happens – and having a second photographer ensures you’re prepared for these things.

My second photographer is a fully capable wedding professional in her own rite, running her own business. She’s fully informed about every detail of your day, and knows as much about it as I do! As a result, she’s prepared to completely take over if the need arises. You can rest easy, knowing that if the worst happens, your day will still be photographed beautifully.


I hope this blog post provided some clarity on the value of having a second photographer, and gave you some food for thought!

I’d love to work with you on your wedding day, and rock the hell out of it with you. If you’d like to find out if I’m available for your wedding day, CLICK HERE to find out more about me, and get in touch!


(Heads up: you can also schedule a call with me here!)

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